11 WEIRD Hair Hacks for Frizzy Hair Using Household Items!

I decided to test out WEIRD beauty hacks specifically for hair! All these weird hair hacks actually work to tame FRIZZ! Thumbs up to spread weirdness to the world!


  1. Completely random but I just swallowed a warhead. Help.

  2. 2:32 in my mind I was like "look she is using cooking hair spray" I feel stupid?

  3. I have curly hair… I love to visit my fam in Texas, but it's so damn humid ?

  4. It works omg

  5. I hate when that happens

  6. Dryer sheets can be toxic

  7. When you do the eat or where it challenges

  8. Where in florida do you live??

  9. You can rub dryer sheets on your body and mosquitoes will not bite you?

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