12 Clothing HACKS That Will SAVE you A LOT Of MONEY Every Girl MUST Know!

Hello loves today I am sharing with you 12 clothing hacks every girl must know! These are clothing hacks that are going to save you a lot of money and are useful clothing hacks! Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. My fav song is mans not hot xx

  2. Oh yea opened safety pins in the washer will feel great!

  3. Hi nicoletta xo i love you and ur videos so much i cant wait for more???

  4. power by little mix ?

  5. everyday is my favorite song.. Ariana Grande..

  6. Idk if
    U are
    Gonna see this but I
    Ur videos sm

  7. The offshoulder top hack.. Seems to be useful and so i tried it bt after an hour or so it made a hole which was visible enough what to do now?

  8. My fav song right now is fetish by selena gomez

  9. Look what u made me do

  10. My fav song is friends by Justin Bieber

  11. my favorite song right now is Human by Krewella

  12. In some pics u look like Victoria Justice

  13. My favourite song is unforgettable

  14. Strip that down by Liam Payne

  15. my fav song is ugly heart it is the best

  16. Drugs and Candy by All Time Low, How You Like me now by Alexis Jordan

  17. What's with Kpop trending all of a sudden? Most fans didn't know about Kpop until now lol

  18. Favorite song: Story, by Nightcore/Kana Nishino. (It is in Japanese but is a really fun song!!)

  19. I like your hair in this video. It's curled instead of straight. ?

  20. Stay by Alessia Cara. (My favourite song) Btw I LOVE your hair this video!!!!!! ????????

  21. Any Other Way by We The Kings

  22. Listen to god save the prom queen

  23. So you don't have time to sew but you can take the paper off the bread twisty

  24. My fav song is Despacito remix and 2u by Justin Bieber

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