12 Intriguing Images To Kill Off Your Raging Boredom


Every once in a while, you get bored of all the… well, boring things that are happening right now. I bet that as you’re reading this, you’re leaning on your left fist with half-closed eyes, basically on the edge of dying from boredom. And then you encounter something on the internet that makes you go “Hey, that’s pretty cool!”, and an itch called intrigue appears on your neck. You can’t help but scratch it, right?

Here are 12 intriguing images to get rid of that itch, as compiled by Diply.

1. This guy playing Johnny Cash inside the trash can

More like Johnny TRASH, am I right? Get it? Just kidding, Johnny Cash is awesome.

12 Intriguing Images To Kill Off Your Raging Boredom 1

Source: Reddit | Forwhomitmay

2. This diamond steel plate

Found in an amusement park, it looked like this after being worn overtime.

12 Intriguing Images To Kill Off Your Raging Boredom 2

Source: Reddit | TheDukeofEarlGrey

3. A butterfly with partially transparent wings


Source: Reddit | catnews_

4. A skull of a young girl

This young girl was buried around 400BC using ceramic wreath. That’s what you call, well-preserved.


Source: Reddit | S-WordoftheMorning

5. A shot of a frog mid-jump


Source: Reddit | CuteRedditLurker

6. Double can of Coke

I would love to see this person’s face when they saw that there was another can underneath their can.


Source: Reddit | Lysergic_Dreamz

7. A giant kitty paw.



8. Megalodon teeth

This guy found two! On the beach!


Source: Reddit | LurkerMcLurkerton

9. A colorized photograph of the 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln

Certainly looks a lot different, doesn’t it? Especially considering he doesn’t have his famous beard in this photo.


Source: Reddit | marinamaral

10. A mug with a mustache guard


Source: Reddit | Trashcancomic

11. A neighborhood inside of a repurposed stadium


Source: Reddit | gumzilla

12. A perfect shot


Source: Reddit | Thebesttech

Pretty rad stuff, right?

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