1. These tips are so great thank you!

  2. At the middle
    Of the video i got an add
    From sweat with Kayla

    A fitness app ….

  3. Please do a how to loose inner thigh fat

  4. Like so I do more sit-ups every like = 1 sit-up

  5. oh my god your voice is sO ANNOYING

  6. Every like is a sit up or squat I will do first person to comment which one is what I'll do

  7. Uh but most people who've lost weight and give tips tell you to not do exercises before bed..

  8. Does this works…coz I thought of trying it

  9. Each like is how many jumping jacks and mountain climbers I'll do

  10. each like is how many jumping jacks I'll do.

  11. Where'd u get your marble bed comforter it's so cute

  12. nicoletta xo do you gotta weak up in morning and workout to get weight or you can workout at middle of night or afternon like 2pm or 7pm

  13. Its that true the you got to workout in morning if you wanna get weight or you can workout and middle of night or afternon?two

  14. Every like this comment gets I'll do the same amount of squats and crunches comment when done

  15. The backpack one can hurt your back over time

  16. This really helped! I have asthma and so I struggle when doing lots of activities when it uses my lungs

  17. "it makes u so much MORE LESS bloated" what the frick

  18. sorry not tryna hate but her voice is so annoying

  19. I do not need that if u know what i mean

  20. where can I buy a backpack similar to yours? _

  21. hey love your videos.. fun fact i heard u shouldn't have yogurt that has corn syrup in because its more of a chance gaining weight than losing it..because its slowing down your metabolism and causes weight gain i hope u read this message xxx

  22. The straps on your bag is too long
    You shoudn't do that
    It's bad for your back

  23. Just subscribed to you! And I don't regret it!?❤️Please do some home exercises again!

  24. I didn't try it…. YET! But, I will. It seems good, cheap and perfect! Thank you for all your good tricks!!!

  25. Detox teas don't work y'all. Don't waste your money. Just drink regular ol' tea, drink lots of water, and eat ya fruits and veggies. ? Also, try some fiber powder for a real detox ?.

  26. Thanks for this inspiring video.. now I will just be magically fit despite being too lazy to be fit in the first place. I love cheating.

    Also I think you should hire a more attractive model for your future videos…she is a little flubby.

  27. Before this video I saw an ad that said " if you want to get fit and strong, stop watching youtube!"…….. Well now what do I do?!

  28. Can you tell us your results after a month?

  29. I used to do a tea detox and I noticed that it started to affect my period

  30. Hi Nicole. please do a video on lazy fitness hacks on how to inscrease " Hieght"

  31. do a vegan health or diet video please!!!

  32. Has anyone ever told you -you rock!!! Thank you for your videos!!! You inspired so many of us

  33. 6:27 can i use chocolate i hate vanilla lol

  34. can someone pls give me the intro song thx

  35. Love the video, especially the exercises from bed.

  36. Every like is how many pounds I have to loose I'm 11 and 118 pounds (I know I'm fat) and I should be like 95 pounds so go wild

  37. I'm new to the channel so I don't know if you've done this video I'm about to suggest. This video would interesting and helpful to me. You should do a healthy meal prep video ?

  38. Anyone else watching whilst eating loads of junk food

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