12 Period Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Today I share 12 holy grail, life-changing period life hacks every girl should know for back to school.

Here you can find the best pranks, life hacks, beauty testing & fun back to school content all about how to survive being a girl, a boy, teen. Whatever you are, welcome to your own personal “Outlet”.
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  1. Happy 2018! ✨Just so you know, this year I will be uploading twice a week ? Every Wednesday & Saturday Get excited for double the hacks, pranks & fun content.
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  2. Period does suck,especially if you get the cramps

  3. Periods suckk by the way I'm on mine right now

  4. I got my . on November 22 2017

  5. Period sucks because it stains ur clothes but I don't get cramps just yet

  6. I got my period on Mar.7,2018 and i am nine?

  7. Periods suck! I legit get the worst cramps ever!! Oddly, I never take any pain medicine

  8. 10 at some points and it's normally during school

  9. I want to see more lief hacks for summer!

  10. Period sucks ,period sucks ,period sucks ,period sucks,

  11. Ginger tea is my favorite too

  12. Period sucks
    Period sucks
    Period sucks
    Period sucks
    Period sucks
    Period sucks
    Period sucks

  13. Whats that period app she used please.someone tell me

  14. Hack #9 Natalie my sister told me that banana make your period worst

  15. I havent even gotten my period yet and I'm twelve ?

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