13 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful Even Today

Women have strived for beauty since time immemorial. Today Bright Side brings you several of the secrets that have proved their usefulness over the ages.


  1. I accidentally bleached my hair once with lime : P

  2. just for a diet start baily helthy food and go up to no candy ok, maby 1 a month

  3. tbh I came here to see if I could wear cabbage leaves instead of bras :/

  4. Baths don't relax me but the total opposite. I guess I naturally avoid water.

  5. I gotta tip…… BE YOURSELF

  6. A number of typos I find in these videos are concerning…

  7. "Tear your hand away" gee, anyone who got a right mind ain't doing that?? but seriously though, ancient people have those? Like sour cream?

  8. 0:50 get rid of physical strength? errrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  9. I read the title as "13 Asian Beauty Secrets" ??

  10. Bath get rid of physical strength smh

  11. "egg mask is very beneficial to your skin"

  12. Milk is good for the skin I.its a Chinese beauty tip I tried before with flour.its supposed to make ur skin a little lighter

  13. Aloe Vera:
    •Putting it on your face not only helps get rid of acne but it clears up the redness while making your skin lighter
    •Your skin becomes extremely soft after putting on Aloe Vera

  14. "get rid of physical strength"???? They must have meant 'strain'.

  15. Aloe vera gel is very useful for both skin and hair as it fights and heal acne and make hair smoother…

  16. 5 comments?! Ok bye I'm off to watch Liza Koshy

  17. why is beauty/ skin care is only targeted to women

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