14 Bizarre And Weird Beauty Trends Of 2017

With 2018 being only a few days away it’s time to look back at 2017 and all the incredibly weird trends it brought. One thing is for sure, we as humans are getting more and more creative and original but also according to these trends, bored. LED eyelashes, zodiac freckles and unicorn armpit hair are just some of the delights we now see regularly thanks to social media.

I believe it’s time to revisit this year’s strangest and most bizarre beauty trends of 2017. Here are just some of them compiled by 9gag and I have to say some of them are slightly frightening.

Enjoy and try not to cringe to much.


1. Penis eyeliner

I hope this one is just a creative joke that won’t stick around for long.


2. Terrarium eyelashes

These floral-eye designs look like they were invented for Earth lovers and they actually look like art. Not very practical though.


3. Squiggle brow

Now, this trend might be just a fun form of creative expression but is very upsetting and I don’t know why. I mean who doesn’t want to look like they have little snakes slithering above their eyes?


4. McDonald’s eyebrow

How else would you possible express your love for McDonald’s?


5. Feather brows

After a makeup artist came up with this idea she shared a photo on Instagram that received over 45,000 likes and the hashtag #featherbrows was born. There were definitely some divided opinions about this trend.


6. Nose hair extension

Just NO!


Looks like a spider is crawling up your nose, why are you doing this?


7. Glitter

Looks like even your insides are not immune to this trend. I guess covering your body with sparkly paint and multi-colored gems is the ultimate fun.


8. Freckle tattoo

Apparently, even Kendall Jenner has drawn faux freckles on her face.


9. Zodiac freckles

This freckles inspired by your astrological sighs are even better.


10. LED eyelashes

Now these eyelashes are lit!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xva0KdlTg4]


11. Eye-lips

This is freaky!


12. Galaxy makeup

Makeup artists from around the world have been covering their faces with constellations and it looks amazing.


13. Hairy nails

Pretty bizarre wouldn’t you say?


14. Unicorn armpits

Sure, why not?


Source: 9gag