14 WEIRD Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work!


  1. my favorite horror movie is candle cove

  2. whats funny is that my friend wears loose cloths all of the time, and she is literally like a twig! 

    I hope she doesn't see this comment lol

  3. Slenderman are it I dare you to watch them

  4. Ok guys I will do ten jumping jacks every like.

  5. I wunna be healthy. I done crunches for an hour

  6. My favourite part of my body is my eyebrows because I don’t have to fill them in

  7. Natalie can we request a video idea ?

  8. What i love about my body are my blue green eyes

  9. I was hoping to see that contraption in the thumbnail in the video

  10. My face has a good shape and that's what i love about myself

  11. Noting I don't like my self because I am fat and my mom does not help me

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