15 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles

Hi love did you like all 15 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles? I had loads of fun making this video however it took me all day to come up with all 15 Heatless Hairstyles. These should be amazing for back to school. Each hairstyle took me about 60 seconds to create. Super fast and easy for those rushy school mornings. which style hair was your favorite? Mine was the last one.. ill just go with a blue wig ha haha. love you guys to pieces. xo – Laura Ps. PLEASE tag me if you recreate any of the back to school hairstyles!

D I S C O U N T – C O D E S


  1. comment if it was too much light

  2. and also. too many pabebe faces…

  3. request… can u act normal? its like u act so pretty/ okay??? just be normals

  4. That's not how you do a French Braid

  5. honestly u need to learn how to actually french braid and ur hair just just looks a little bit too greasy.

    my hair is like that and it usually will have an identity crisis

  7. "This is gonna be easy"

    starts to do a french braid

  8. I am going to wear all of these hairstyles

  9. super video-clip! visit my channel, I'm sure you will like it.

  10. Well guess I'm waking up 10 hours early just for my hair

  11. I love doing French braids

  12. طبعا هستوني فتحت الفيديو ولكيت كبالي جكما

  13. I want to style my long hair

  14. The first one was good ( when you plated it ).

  15. Zoella does all these hairstyles !

  16. I'm currently OBSESSED with bows and when I saw the bow one I was like, "OMG YASSS", and I'm doing it now ??

  17. Anyone with super thin and fluffy hair?

  18. Wow loved the hairstyles!! ❤️❤️????

  19. I have such frizzy hair and I have to straighten it all the time! It's burning! ??

  20. The problem with using elastic,it's snaps for no reason then I cri 🙁

  21. um… may I just say you talked about the product more then the hair styles…. (BTW that wasn't being rude, that was pointing something out)

  22. Now I have the longest, thickest hair on eath that none of these videos work. My hair is so long that its by my waist/butt. Help me!!

  23. I'm trying to grow out my fringe and it's too long to leave down but too short to put into a hairstyle

  24. Subscribe to my channel guys
    I'm trying to become s YouTuber although I only got one video up

  25. my hair is naturally curly and where you keep doing the half pony tails just tied it in a big knot to the point I had to cut it out????

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