15 Braided Back To School HEATLESS Hairstyles!

Hey lovelies! Today I have 15 Back To School Heatless Hairstyles for you all to try! ( I know it’s not back to school season yet but these are so appropriate for school! I had loads of fun making this video. These are really amazing for back to school / work or even prom! Each hairstyle took me about 2 minutes to create. Super fast and easy those of you who are in a rush in the mornings! Which of these 15 Hairstyles was your favourite? I love you all so much!


  1. U can be used by anyone other than your own personal injury

  2. can you do a video about your hair?? how does it stay so white and healthy looking?? ^^ ^^ it's beautiful!!!

  3. yay I love it when u do easy hair style totourials

  4. Back to school but it's March ??❤️❤️

  5. cute thank you soo much for these amazing hairstyles I love you soo much okay byee! !♡ ♥ ♡

  6. I just don't get how she makes everything look so perfect and easy! If I'll do any of does hairstyles I will literally look like a crazy person with a bad hair day. Also can get over how pretty she is! ?

  7. How do you maintain healthy hair. How long did it take you to grow

  8. The one at 5 min 30 is my favorite.

  9. Loved all of them ❤ please make a video on this video's makeup look!!! absolutely loved it ?❤

  10. this video is awesome. but I would look rly shitty, bc I'm ugly, I have naturally so curly hair and I have too many hair so I would look terrible. :[]

  11. I wanna cry ,i wish i had long thick hair

  12. Free lip kit is probs a scam who would give them away for free?? Whoever it is deleted my comment as well !

  13. isnt everyone still in school? where are you if you arent i wanna be there

  14. who here wishes they had short hair ??????

  15. Don't know why i'm watching this, my hair is so thin ?

  16. "heartless" as long as you have naturally straight hair

  17. your hair looks amazing ???what shampoo and conditioner do u us lovely

  18. Of course it's not heatless,you got straight hair

  19. This was such a good video. I'm definitely gonna try these styles

  20. You are such an amazing youtuber❤

  21. what's the name of the outro song?

  22. This should've been called '15 ways to make you arms hurt' ?❤

  23. Is your hair straightened or just naturally straight ?

  24. Nice hairstyles! I would like to see a video with your hair routine ?

  25. What lipstick are you wearing?? It's gorgeous! Love you!?❤

  26. yaaaasss been waiting for this vid forever!

  27. Anyone else like the video before they watch it?

  28. You look amazing, but my hair is short and I am sad because I do not have hair like you …. I envy you …. <3 … yawwww thablii

  29. Your Hair is so thick! Lucky you ?

  30. Can you make your intros shorter? I always skip it anyways…. but i still love your videos ❤️

  31. hey i subscribe and i love you <3


  33. wish i could look good with my hair like this ! my face is huge and when my hair is brushed away i look like a moon ahahaha

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