15 Common Workout Mistakes Every Beginner Makes


  1. This is one of the best channel and I really love this channel

  2. Thank you teachers for the information

  3. Love this video it’s so helpful ,,

  4. also im sure any trained owner trainer in a gym would know all this they did in my gym golds Leicester square in london many years ago this is for home trainers that know diddly squat about weight training

  5. im sure all the worlds strongest men and women must now realise they got it soooo wrong over the years

  6. Really honoured to be a subscriber of this channel

  7. Painful n soreness in my muscles now

  8. tbh i though this is going to be a trash video, but I'm glad i watched the whole video before clicking away, thanks, great vid.

  9. the thumbnail is click bait I searched it up if it’s good to do push ups lol

    so in my opinion it’s click bait

  10. I messed up my back for 2 months using the Hyperextintion improperly.

  11. Can you do a video on 10 exercises to do daily

  12. #13 The Plank is bad form.
    Tilt your pelvis and have relaxed, bended knees.

  13. for bench press is safer to put your feet on the bench or in the table top position !!!

  14. #5 is called bulgarian squat.

  15. The only stretch I ever did was, the plank, nothing else. I already knew that about the plank. Waste of time.

  16. wish i'd gotten these tips before the damage was done

  17. Very usefull for beginners with no strength at all. Once the muscles are stronger one can bend and move more and nothing can harm such a body.

  18. The colossal titan is on the thumbnail.

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