1. 0:52 but when I am getting up its dark outside (I am from Poland ???)

  2. Hiya, this method appears to be too difficult, there's a quite simple way. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". You'll find ample of unheard information given here.

  3. Some of this stuff is tmi aka (to much information)

  4. GOOD Suggestions, but we should actually work daily on this routine to get benefits…

  5. I'm watching this at midnight…

  6. OMG AND ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO I SAW MY MOM DRINKING WATER WHILE SITTING DOWN AND I ASKED HER "why do you ALWAYS sit down when you drink water then stand back up?" and she said "because its the proper way to do it and it is healthy for you" so now 2 things in this video my mom already told me about

  7. The one about the bathroom part, I heard my mom and older sister talking about how unhealthy it is to sit with your feet on the ground and that the proper way to do it is lift your feet up

  8. Ill start doing all those things

  9. eveytime i watch things like this i feel a little bit bad about myslef because i am doing something wrong

  10. drinking water wrong=cancer apparently

  11. this video: enjoy breakfast!
    my parents: buy random stuff that takes an hour to cook
    me: oh boy molasses for breakfast

  12. yet I'm watching this after I will go to sleep…

  13. Hi person scrolling in the comments!?

  14. GUYS. Just so you understand, the whole skipping breakfast=gaining weight thing is mostly true, but its only because skipping breakfast makes you hungry so you overeat the rest of your meals.

  15. I hate that every thing you see/hear/read about brushing your teeth shows you to brush your teeth as thoroughly as this video, but turn around and ignore the fact that the majority of bacteria that cause tooth decay, cavities, and bad breath aren't even on your teeth. We shouldn't think of it as brushing our teeth, but as brushing our mouth. To truly keep your mouth healthy, you should brush your teeth as thoroughly as this video shows… and then brush your tongue, gums, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth as well.

  16. Yoooo it all makes sense now!

  17. This video , it's like – My whole life was wrong xp

  18. very informative. Thanks! 🙂

  19. When they talked about water I got thirsty ? ah I'm so weak !

  20. "Girls vs Guys"
    girl brushes her teeth. THEN eats breakfast

  21. This channel is so cool. It gives you advices for a healthy, happy, slim, fit life. u DESERVE over a million subscriber. U r the best! Keep it up!

  22. It says put your phone down an hour before bed in watching this 5 minutes before my bedtime

  23. These tips really improved my life…

  24. How are u supposed to use a prop in a public toilet?? Bruhh…why can't u just make the toilets a bit lower then? That would be easier instead of confusing us hoe to sit.

  25. About using the bathroom wrong ????‍♀️?‍♀️

  26. girls vs guys morning routine is so far from the truth i'm more like the guy tbh other than the clothes and makeup

  27. I'm sorry to say this but ,why do you copy your other video's

  28. I needed that first hack, thank you

  29. When I wake up (6am) there's no sunlight yet

  30. A gamer can control their dreams l am not a gamer and I could control my dream ???

  31. "Go to sleep at 9-10pm and you'll be more energetic, in a better mood and less susceptible to depression!"
    I have been going to sleep at 9-10pm pretty much every day and getting 8 hours sleep for my entire life and I am still a tired lump I take 2-3 naps a day and I have severe depression I feel absolutely cheated

  32. This is fake how do you know it will cause all these problems from drinking water the wrong way ?

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