13 Glitter Nail Designs You Will Love To Copy

There are many nail design ideas to choose from, depending on the pattern created as well as the type of nail polish used. Glossy nail polishes are the most common choice, matte are perfect for when you are on the go, since they dry super fast. And glitter nail polishes are great for the holiday season. Today, we have chosen 15 Glitter Nail Designs you will for sure love to copy.

Glitter nails are the most appropriate for the holiday season, but you can also wear glitter nail polish every day. You can choose to add glitter on each nail, or you can add it on one accent nail. Glitter nails are great choice, since they go well with everything, so you don’t have to worry about combining your nail polish with your clothes. The following glitter nail designs are quite versatile, so we believe that each one of you will find a nail design for your taste.

15 Glitter Nail Designs

moon nails1

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glitter gradient purple nails by

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blue nails with glitter 1

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gold glitter gradient

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Glitter goes well with any color, so you can easily make versatile combos. Add it on one accent nail, use it as part of a French manicure or of a half-moon nail design etc. The possibilities are quite versatile and these glitter nail designs are just some of the many possible you can get inspired from.

sparkling new years eve nails 2

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glitter nails tape nail art 1

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burgundy and glitter

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glitter nails

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Glitter nail designs can be really beautiful, but you all know how difficult is to remove the glitter nail polish. So, we want to give you some tip on how you can easily remove it. Simply soak a cotton ball with a nail polish remover, put it on your nail and wrap it with aluminium foil. Repeat this for every nail and press down the foil. Wait for 5 minutes and then remove the foil. And voila! No more glitter on your nails and they are ready to be polished again.

25 pretty blue acrylic manicure

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nude glitter

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So, which one from the above glitter nail designs would you try to copy. Tell us in the comments.