15 Makeup Tips For Olive Skin Tone – Curious To Know?

Olive skin is basically an impartial type of complexion described by undertones of greenish and yellowish. Olive skin tone is so common in people from different backgrounds. Some people call the olive skin tone as the Mediterranean coloring because of its shade with greenish golden; the people belonging to the area of Mid-Europe or Middle Asia are mostly olive tone colored. Many of the people confuse the olive complexion with dark tanned people which is not true because olive skin tones is between pale and dark but it is not for everyone, it can sometimes vary from moderate brown.

Though the olive skin color is desired by many people because they contain some kind of charm in the olive skin color. The people with the olive complexion should consider themselves lucky because it is a naturally tanned color which is truly and incomprehensibly sexy and glows from day to night. For the olive skin, it is tricky to find out the best makeup ideas and tips that will suit their tone so let’s take a look at these 15 best makeup tips for olive skin tone!

15. Eye Shadow

For the olive skin tone, use golden brown color eye-shadows that will suit up your natural skin color, you can find these brown shades in naked3 eye shadow palette or if you want to be the glow of the party then use rich pops of color. The people with olive complexion can stand out if they use royal blue, burnt orange and deep plum and to glow in a great way, you can make the dark smokey eyes which will make you stand out of the world.

14. Concealer

Concealer is the must have thing in your bag because it helps you in removing your dark circles and bags under eyes, it is necessary to choose the right concealer which matches the color tone of your skin. For the olive skin color, you should choose the yellow based concealer with a creamy consistency. Concealer is considered as a magic tool which helps in quickly fixing the rough skin.

13. Blush

For the olive skin tone, this is must to choose the right blush, it should be either a rosy pink or warm peach colored blush and you can even use the bronze-tinged blush. The people with olive complexion should use the warm colors rather using the dark colors which will make them feel like a clown, warm colors such as pink, peach and apricot will make you feel beautiful and it will give your skin an exclusive glow. You can also try the bronzer as a blush which will give you shaped contoured effect on your cheekbones.

12. Highlighter

Women with olive skin should apply their highlighter as much as possible. Add a touch of light pink or peach of your highlighter under your eyes, give your jaw a bit line of glow, it will help in enhancing your natural beauty. Rather using a blush, if you have used bronzer then using the highlighter above your cheekbones will give them the fabulous definition and deepen the contouring effect.

11. Nail Polish

The people with olive skin tone can enjoy the variety of nail designs with multiple color options, such as they look good in dark burgundy or vibrant colors like pink, yellow, blue or orange. As the olive color tone has a combination of yellowish and greenish so they look good with yellow or beige undertones. The colors like peach or gold boosts the olive complexions. You should avoid the nail colors such as red or orange.

  • Nail colors that look good on olive tone are peach or gold colors.
  • To polish the tips, use yellow or blue base.
  • Nail colors to avoid are dark purple or navy blue.

10. Foundation

The people with olive skin are lucky enough because their skin does not need much smoothness by using the foundation to have the flawless finish. Choosing the right foundation color is very tough task because if you apply the wrong foundation either you will end up having too dark or too burnt orange complexion. Try to use the light colored foundation to even out the skin where needed. Don’t use full coverage foundation; just make sure that you are using the foundation to give the natural shine radiance to your skin.

“Feel blessed if you have olive skin color tone because you can easily apply any nail color and any colored lipstick and the best part, you can be yourself even after not applying any makeup.”

9. Black Eyeliner

The people with olive skin should avoid the multi-colored eyeliners because it makes them look like a clown and as the olive skin colored tone mostly have the brown or greenish eyes which makes them more beautiful than other people, so for the eyeliner, just simply use the black eyeliner which will make you really pop and glow your skin. If you do not want to use only black eyeliner then go with some dark brown eye liner and try to avoid blue, yellow or any other colored eyeliners or you can look at some of these eyeliner tricks.

8. Smokey Eyes

Yes, smokey eyes works best for the olive complexion people. People with olive tone looks gorgeous if they apply the smokey eye makeup.

7. Lipstick

As it is mentioned earlier that people with olive tone are lucky enough and it is also proved here because when it comes to choosing the lipstick color, they have options of variety of colors because almost all the colors suit the olive skin tone. The best lipstick shades for olive skin tone are toffee, cinnamon and nude, they look beautiful but coral is the winning choice. The colors that will also look good on olive skin color including red, orange and the tones of beautiful gold. Try to avoid the purple shade and yellow color.

6. No Bronzer

As you already have the natural color, there is no need to use the bronzer that much. Might a bronzer will make you look like a little too burned.

5. Don’t Use Pinks

For the people with olive skin, pink is not their color, they need to apply some dark shaded colors, pink does not suit for them if they use it for some specific areas, it is only good for blush and lipsticks.

“Being the olive skin toned makes you feel more beautiful and gorgeous but the tricky part comes when you need to apply the makeup so make sure to choose the right makeover for yourself.”

4. Black Mascara

As it is mentioned above to avoid the colored eye-liners, there is also a need to avoid the multi-colored mascaras if you need to look sexy and not a clown then go with some darkest brown shade or simply a black mascara which will suit you and your skin tone.

3. Hair Color

The hair color ideas for olive skin can vary from different colors because the olive skin is combination of two colors, the hair color mostly chosen can be of brown hair shades, or can go for blonde hair colors which are the most satisfying for both warm and cool skin tones. You can also try the red hair color but it can only be considered if you have cool undertones.

2. Use Oil-Free Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only important for olive skin tone, it should be a necessity for every person, before applying the whole makeup, do not forget to use the oil-free sunscreen which will help you in avoiding the sun damage.

1. Hold Your Natural Beauty

The people who have got the olive skin color should consider it as a blessing, the main benefit of having the olive skin colored tone is that you don’t need to apply the makeup to get a beautiful and gorgeous appearance; you yourself are gorgeous and beautiful without any kind of makeup. Be simple as much as possible for you.


  • Do use warm colors such as pink or peach shaded.
  • Do use sunscreen before applying makeup or going out.
  • Do love your skin color.
  • Hold your natural beauty within yourself.


  • Don’t use bronzer that much.
  • Don’t apply multicolored mascara or eyeliner.
  • Do not apply concealer that much.