15-Minute Intense Bodyweight Workout | Class FitSugar

Take your workout to the next level with this intense bodyweight workout.

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  1. Gracias, me quitaron la flojera !!! Buen día chicas ????

  2. Needed your push for that one!! Thank you for all the motivation you ALWAYS provide!

  3. This was a pretty intense workout but I felt like the ab roll ups weren't enough so I subbed in Russian twists a couple of times. I also have to free that the woman in the orange top has poor form her back was not flat, she was hunched over during burpees and please keep your knees over your ankles not toes! Your are going to injure yourself with that form during lunges.

  4. This video is ? Keeping this workout on repeat ?????

  5. This was killer! Thanks for pushing me beyond what I usually do…I'm dripping! ??

  6. i see a lot of comments about Rachel (the orange top) doing things wrong & that Dani (in the blue) has better form,
    but maybe that's exactly why they have Dani doing the mods (because she has better form/posture)
    & besides, we can watch Anna 🙂

  7. (right, blue shirt) Dani's body type is super close to my goal body
    girl is fit!!!

  8. I just did this as my wake up routine today (wont have time for any other workout today), and this did it! It woke me up and feel complete. Thanks for this routine! It was worth the work and effort 😀

  9. I took excellent workouts guide from Unflexal. Just google Unflexal

  10. Omg five rounds of burpees!! Killer!!

  11. OMG, thanks for this video!! I love it

  12. Even for a male personal trainer(like myself) I found this to be a challenge, for some clients, however it's a great way to stay toned/coordinated.

  13. Great workout- sweating buckets now!!

  14. Definitely one of my favorites now! Sweating bullets. Love it.

  15. was not planning on working out. So glad I did though! thanks for posting

  16. The girl in the orange in the back has awful form! Anna is my favorite and she always does a great job! She really makes exercising enjoyable! Thanks Anna and Dani of course, I love her too!!

  17. I'll do the burped without the push up.

  18. I love your videos so much! I take them pretty slow cause I'm not near as fit as you are YET! Key word haha! I am currently on my weight loss journey I started off at 195 and now I'm 184!!! I go for walks and do some of your videos!

  19. This is my favorite workout now! I alternate between strength training and cardio. This workout had a both. I workout with Anna everyday and I feel great. Thanks POPsugar you rock!

  20. We need more Jake Dupree videos!!! They're so hard and he's hilarious!!!

  21. I love dis workout Anna u kill it always.But pple fellow Anna if u want to workout simple

  22. Can Ranier Pollard come back for another workout? He was hilarious and so motivating 🙂

  23. Anna, ladies, great job!!!!! Thank you, for doing these workouts.

  24. Awesome workout! Thank you Anna! 😀

  25. I might have my athletes mixed up but I'm pretty sure Rachel (aka the girl on the right in the orange) is a running athlete. She's probably not used to doing more dynamic, body weight type of workouts that popsugar post because most runners don't really do this type of workout. I agree her form is improper and shouldn't be advised and shown as an advanced movement to those who are just starting out but I don't like this negativity. Also I'm pretty sure she's younger than 25 if I have her down as the athlete I think she is

  26. I'm a sweaty hot mess and I love it! Thank you for this workout ❤

  27. Nothing intense about this whatsoever. This should be renamed as a Beginner HIIT video

  28. what do you mean by bodyweight workout ?✌

  29. Okey guys, stop hating so much, jesus.. It seems like all of you know how to do the Exercises the perfect way? I Think we all who did this workout was a bit tired at the end (if not, You did something wrong 😉 and after 40 burpees the first one was probably the best looking, but the other ones didn't suck. We know the exercises, and we also know that bad ones can cause injuries. Don't think that someone would do it exactly as the person on the video anyway, it's hard to do it, especially when they are a little bit out of form.. So just do the them the right way and everything will be perfectly fine!

  30. OK can everyone stop hating on the girl in the orange top!!!! This is an amazing workout. Thank you so much Anna!!!

  31. I have to agree with all the comments below. It's dangerous to use her to illustrate the moves, especially since some people have trouble listening to instructions and watching while do the exercises. I love these workouts, but this really disappoints me.

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