1. I don't even fold my clothes and am 17 *sigh am ashamed

  2. Why can't you record what u says going to be on the tittle

  3. 8:34 well this could really help my little sister when she is folding her cloths ? ( And I wouldn't have to fold her cloths for her anymore yaaayyy! )

  4. I bet you $ 13456324567 dollars that you didn’t read that number.
    You skipped right over it.
    You didn’t even realize I put a letter in it.
    No I didn’t, but you wen’t back and looked.
    I want my like ?
    Now you’ll copy it.

  5. y u doin repeat same diy again n again in all d videos??

  6. Faça mais videos em português

  7. I'm so close to wearing high heels and they ruind it

  8. Is it just me or do you always want to see the thing on the the cover and they never show you it

  9. 15 трюков, которые известны всем уже лет 10 )))

  10. 1 Tip to make your clothes look better on you: MAKE THEM MATCH

  11. For the removing stains section, I was intrigued until it showed how to remove blood.

  12. I don't get this vid at all

  13. What is fabric conditioner?

  14. Beauty is pain kids beauty is pain

  15. How come I never get likes on my comments? I mean… What's the deal bro? Is it just me? ?

  16. what is the shape of sunglasses
    called for circular faced ppl

  17. Guys Today is my birthday Can you not wish me

  18. You know what? What is soo awsome amazing lovely cute pretty gorgeous??..

    Read the first word..
    Like if you want your crush to likes you back!!..

  19. some of these are eh, but where exactly are you getting your facts? unless you're just spouting out total bullshit..?

  20. Like: Your crush likes you
    Subscribe: He will kiss you
    Comment: you will have a good day

  21. no ma no entiendo casi nada :'u faking vida :'v

  22. Who else likes their own comments because none else will? ?

  23. wait… no comment on the clickbait?? And why do all commenters seem to be so young :s

  24. Roses ar red
    Violets Are blue
    I came for the thumpnail
    And so did you

  25. "Beauty should not require sacrifice." Love you for this, 5-minute crafts. ??

  26. "Beauty should not require sacrifice." Love you for this, 5-minute crafts. ??

  27. This is Miracle ?
    She likes hugs, but no one likes her

    One like, one hug

    (I didn't start This ;( (duhhh)

  28. I unsubscribed.Fuck bras you bastards.Post another kind of shit,i don t care about them

  29. BOOTy doesnt need a sacrifice!

    I'll leave

  30. Wow she said high heels are harmful, yet she makes a hack FOR heels?

  31. Lol how to clean blood, im pretty sure thats for all the girls


  33. i like all this hacks…. ??

  34. Make more videos on hacks for women

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