16 Creepy Witch Inspired Manicures To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

It might still be the beginning of September, but it’s definitely not too early to start celebrating Halloween, the most perfect holiday of all of the holidays. Yes, it’s still, like, 80 degrees here in New York City, but that’s besides the point. You have to take advantage of Halloween season as soon as it begins, and everyone knows that is the first day of September when we collectively become inundated with pumpkin spice merchandise. Let’s just embrace it!

That said, it is a little early to start dressing up in a cool costume or walking around in full-on Halloween makeup. If you’re looking for a way to publicly declare your love for Halloween, you might want to consider cool Halloween nail art, like a witch-inspired manicure. Nail art is a really fun way to show off your personality or the stuff you love – everyone can see it, but it’s still a little more subtle. Plus, these witch nails are amazing. They’re creepy, they’re beautiful, they’re dark, and they will make you look like a total badass. They’re perfect for the incoming fall weather.

If you’re ready to get into the spirit of Halloween, say no more – take these photos to your local nail salon (or create this *magic* yourself if you can pull it off!) and start showing off. Here are a few awesome creepy witch manicures:

1. Witchy Symbols



A matte black polish with some witchy looking decals? Yes please. This is easy to achieve on your own, and bonus points if your nails can be this sharp.

2. Dark French Manicure



If you have super long nails, you can pull off this look. It’s similar to a French manicure – use a few coats of clear polish, then make the tips black. Use a nail dotter to add a small black dot at the cuticles for a really cool look.

3. Black and White Mix



Witchy manicures don’t have to include only black nail polish. This mix of black and white complete with lots of ~creepy~ symbols is unique and awesome.

4. Witch Galaxy Nails


Source: Instagram/@celinaryden

This manicure is actually beautiful. It’s kind of like a galaxy ombre going from black to purple with lots of glitter and sparkles, but it just has a witchy vibe to it.

5. Black and Gray Mani


Source: Instagram/@poisonappleprintshop

If you don’t want to go too crazy with the witch theme, this black and gray manicure is perfect. It doesn’t scream “Halloween,” but it’s still dark enough to work. And look how great it looks with witchy rings!

6. Bloody Manicure



Black nails are undeniably witchy, but you can add some major creep factor to your manicure by making one nail look bloody.

7. Half Moon Mani



This half moon manicure has been pretty popular for a while now, but it gets a Halloween twist when you use clear and black on pointy nails.

8. Spider Web Nails



Spider web nails are definitely a little bit more Halloween than witchy, but there’s something about a lot of these that just have the right vibe for a witch, ya know?

9. Black Negative Space Manicure


Source: Instagram/@_nailsbykate_

This negative space manicure is perfect if you want a subtle witchy vibe. It looks super chic, it stands out without being too much, and it’s not that hard for a nail artist to accomplish.

10. Moon Manicure


Source: Instagram/@nailsbybreee

There’s something about phases of the moon that just remind one of witches, you know? These are really, really impressive.

11. Purple Glitter Ombre Nails



This purple ombre with flecks of glitter is creepily beautiful and has the best witch vibe.

12. Halloween Nails


Source: Instagram/@coyarose

Okay, how perfect are these witchy symbols? The bird is my personal favorite. Do this if you want to impress everyone.

13. Red Cannibal Manicure


Source: Instagram/@thewhitekoi

These were referred to as “red cannibal nails,” which makes me very uncomfortable, but also they definitely work if you want to channel the energy of a violent witch. Or just freak everyone out.

14. Matte Black Nails


Source: Instagram/@darkartistries

Matte black is a perfect backdrop for witchy nails – it just looks like Halloween. I love how this girl mixed matte black with some white designs, some glitter nail polish, and some shiny black.

15. Red Black Ombre


Source: Instagram/@darkartistries 

Doesn’t this color just remind you of blood a witch would be using for a magic spell? It’s also gorgeous.

16. Black and Gold Manicure


Source: Instagram/@american_fu_ker

This fade from black to gold looks amazing. The little witchy symbols near the cuticles really makes the look stand out, though.

Which one of these witch manicures is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments!