16 Holiday Nails To Get Started On Christmas Preparations

Is it Christmas already? Halloween is over and Christmas preparations can officially start! And by preparations, I don’t really mean taking the enormous Christmas tree out, but something else, in fact. If you love nail art, you would agree that with every new holiday, you get inspired to do a perfect nail design. If you are up for it, here are some ideas for the upcoming holiday you can show to your nail artist! Here’s a holiday designs collection made by Diply.

1. Rose gold glitter accents

The candy cane stripes might be a bit outdated, but you will definitely fall for these rose gold glitter ones! I mean, look at that shine!


Source: Instagram | @hannahsnailsx

2. Christmas sweater nails

If you were not a fan of the ugly Christmas sweater when you were little, but you are feeling nostalgic about it, here is the deal. Look how cute it looks on your nails! These are so cozy and cute!


Source: Instagram | @pwettypaws

3. Simple snowfall nails

This design is minimalistic but still fun and festive. The beaded texture makes these nails look like fallen snow and I can’t wait for the real snowfall to match my nails! Also, this might be the only snow we see, so you better hurry!


Source: Instagram | @indigo_nails_lab_uk_onlineshop

4. Dreidel diva

Those who celebrate Hanukkah are not out of the game, either. Isn’t this dreidel accent nail design adorable? The bright blue glitter is just perfect.


Source: Instagram | @nellsbells.79

5. Gilded in gold

Metallic gold is many people’s favorite for the upcoming season. The gold is also a fun twist!


Source: Instagram | @nailed_it_2002

6. Radiant Rudolph

If you don’t like glitter that much, here is a more neutral color palette. These reindeer nails are the subtlest on this list! Plus, they are beyond adorable!preparations

Source: Instagram | @theholynailuk

7. Snowflakes and sparkles

These make me crave for a seasonal Starbucks drink! Wearing this manicure, too, for sure.


Source: Instagram | @indirasiedharta

8. Frosted French tips

One more subtle design on the list is coming! Just look at these! I’m already obsessed! Can you see the little trees in the background?


Source: Instagram | @kukoph | Instagram | @rickuhleen

9. Red and green gorgeous

You can never go wrong with the classic Christmas colors! Ornaments on one or two nails or doing them all are some of the never-ending options.


Source: Instagram | @hknaexpro

10. Santa claws

It’s all about the red color! Minimal but so clean and well-done! How about that cute-looking Santa? Adorable!


Source: Instagram | @theholynailuk

11. Festive ombre

Ombre is still in for the season! This matte ombre is a subtle reminder that winter is coming with its favorite colors!


Source: Instagram | @doobysnails

12. Cable knit neutrals

Why not choose grey and white this year? Plus how fun is that cable knit texture?


Source: Instagram | @nailslabs

13. Silver linings

Who can resist an ombre holographic silver polish? This one is for the most stylish gals!


Source: Instagram | @glitzyfingers

14. Santa squad

If you want to go all colorful, go with this one! Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa obviously make for the best holiday manicure!


Source: Instagram | @polished1976

15. Hanukkah highlights

I’m obsessed with the color! Celebrate the Festival of Lights with these nails that will light up the room.


Source: Instagram | @flightofwhimsy

16. 24k Santa Claus

Santa Claus with this new metallic makeover looks great! It’s a great alternative to the previous Santa design.


Source: Instagram | @theholynailuk