Every girl knows that taking care of yourself and looking like a million dollars requires a lot of time and effort.
We at Bright Side are always on the lookout for ways to make your life easier, and that’s why we’ve put together these 17 ingenious beauty tricks to help you save time.


  1. babyoil to shave is a big no no .the hair and body old skin get in the blade n a nitemaire get out n ruines ur razar blunts it

  2. How long should you soak your feet

  3. what is up with people wanting to whiten their nails? Seriously it's not that big of a deal, ok you have yellow nails, SO WHAT!!!!????

  4. When I break my nail, I just rip it off all the way.

  5. Olive oil, olive oil, olive oil. Face, neck, hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. It's better than vitamin E cream.

  6. Is i am the only boy watching this…

  7. Number 6: that is, unless you're allergic to baby oil

  8. Almost all of these were stolen from other sources…

  9. Here's a useful daily trick! Don't listen to these videos! It gives you false information and it'll just make you look bad when you are testing these 'tricks'

  10. Not every woman lives like this… You need to really change your title

  11. Yellow nails don't matter!! Using bleech, lemons, or anything else that's supposed to whiten them will make them easily break! It's really not worth it?

  12. i worked out that one with the bobbie pin when i was a broke teen

  13. Orrrrr just use nair for shaving. It's just cream. I use it and it works.

  14. I'm at a news report on the other day of my friends are like a baby girl you are the same thing over the past year has gone would have a nice good work out the door to a party for the rest oops my friends and family members of yea but I can't even see it on my phone to get the hang out and the right rutted road and rail line system and I have a nice person but the best of way oilers have the to the first half and I love the new fact is the most beautiful girl I love the fact is a very happy with that being the first time in the first time I try and make me happy and the other types and I have to go back to yyyyt for a few years back on my way home from work to be the first place for a while ago but the only way you can get it to be the in my room and

  15. I'm so tired and my mom just is a very long day of the day after

  16. this is one for blackheads
    1st wash your face clean
    then take an egg and separate the egg yolk and egg whites ( only the egg whites will be used so you can throw out the egg yolk)
    after that dip a cotton pad and allow it to soak the egg whites
    now apply the cotton pad onto the affected areas and wait till all of it dried (the wait is about 20mins long)
    then once done take off the cotton pad as fast as you can
    ………TA DA its all done

  17. Please don't do the eye drop method for mascara!! It can cause moisture in the bottle which is a party for bacteria that causes eye infections!

  18. dryer sheets highly cancer causing, put straight on your hair which comes in contact with your skin, not a good idea.

  19. after I saw the bobby pin thing for whiteheads I kept on doing thumbs up because I have been using bobby pins even before I saw this video

  20. wait a moment do women get shaved?

  21. I don't speak English! Can I add Arabic

  22. I've heard of a blackhead but what the heck is a whitehead?!?

  23. If your mascara or eyeliner pen has dried out, it's time to THROW THEM AWAY.

  24. the white head thing is at 4:51 you welcome

  25. You can bring a razor in your carry on. There's no problem with this in Europe

  26. If your out of dry shampoo use baby powder

  27. My biggest regret in life is shaving my face because I watched tons of beauty vloggers do it. I had acne breakout that I'm still dealing with right now. UGH!!!! I'm already using organic soap and use grape seed oil as my night moisturizer. But damn it, it's not working! Now I'm thinking of using eskinol (a toner) and adding a dalacyn c to it since I've heard it treats acne fast. Anyways, my acne breakout is so bad I used to never even have a single acne on my face ???

  28. broken nail hack is awesome thank you

  29. I once cut myself with a razor while shaving XD
    And you should change the title
    I don't do make up and shit
    Not every women does dis bitch sigh

  30. (when youre a tomboy and have no ideo why youre watching this)

  31. How to get plumper lips


  32. R.I.P Cristine's nail.

    We will never forget you.

    Simply Nailogical

  33. am i the only girl who doesn't use make-up?

  34. This didn't simplify my life and I'm a women so thanks for making hacks for the stereotypical women
    This is why you shouldn't target a specific gender in your title or say everyone

  35. OMG who cares about looks well,i don't people get it together its just firkin looks!

  36. Ops I took a razor in my carry on and I didn't get in trouble

  37. DO NOT I repeat do not use dryer sheets to get rid of staticky hair because it will make your hair really greasy

  38. It sounds like the gabbie show speaking

  39. Awesome channel in the world ? ???….. Which antiseptic should used in whiteheads ?❤️

  40. This is a copy of 5 minute crafts

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