1. Gday, this method seems to be very tough, there is a quite simple way. Go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". You'll find ample of unknown facts given here.

  2. You always reapeats the same life hacks

  3. some hacks are very uncomfortable …….

  4. Who only watches the video without even doing the hacks

  5. Yup cuz I can cut a t shirt and find friends to make a headband in a meeting room.

  6. These aren't really tricks to look gorgeous in any situation, these are more like DIY's

  7. а потом мужики ищут свои трусы

  8. at 9:37 i thought suicide was upon the horizon. Jk Lol great awesome tips for all. Loved em

  9. Lemme just learn how to sew real fast

  10. You guys are really SMART I really don't know how to make this and for the next video can you please do How to get a long hair in 1 day because I have really short hair.

  11. Não to entendendo nada,porque está passando muito rápido e ela não explica também.??

  12. je comprends pas trop l'anglais

  13. How come the skirt made from jeans doesn't have a seam down the front and back where the legs were sewn together?

  14. Ну если подстраиваться под каждое платье, то денег не хватит что бы много лифчиков покупать!

  15. почему каменты написаны на английскому

  16. بصو بغيروا الملابس القديمه لجديده

  17. I belong to a very poor family and don't have any income source of money plz subscribe my channel god bless u

  18. The scarf tying part alone was gold!?

  19. 1:25 what if you don't have a boyfriend?

    Dad clothes work right?

  20. Кто русский

  21. It's 2017, time to EMBRACE THE CAMEL TOE!!!

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