18 Nail Art Hacks Everyone Should Know!

In today’s nail art video, we are sharing 18 nail art hacks that every girl needs to know, including a tip from Hollar – the new online dollar store, where you can score name brand nail polish like Essie for just $3. That’s 60% off regular retail price! So awesome!

FTC: We partnered up with Hollar for this video to include the tip that shows you guys that you can buy brands such as China Glaze, Essie, and more for only $3 on their website 😀 Juli has shopped there many times before, so we are excited to share this with you!!


  • Essie Polishes from Hollar:
  • ‘Stencil Me In’
  • ‘Berried Treasures’
  • ‘Getting Groovy’
  • ‘Pool Side Service’
  • ‘Kimono Over’
  • ‘Go Go Geisha’
  • ‘Many Many Mani’ Essie Hand Cream

CutePolish is the original nail art channel of YouTube. Sandi Crystal Ball keeps her fans on top of the hottest nail art designs, DIY nail techniques, and latest nail polish styles that are currently trending. She has been teaching them easy ways to pull-off impressive nail art looks since the beginning of 2010.

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 4 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, Minnie, and Miri have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every week.


  1. Can you only find hollar on a computer?

  2. Half of these are just common sense

  3. To get evenly placed dots on a nail, what is the "array" that you use to place the dots? Do you do one straight line of dots in the middle of the nail then go crazy on the sides, do you do rows of dots and start from the top, or tip, and move down toward the cuticle (and vice versa), or do you just eyeball it?

    Thanks in advance?

  4. I have very short nails it tips on that

  5. For the French tip hack, you can also use a peice of tape to get a clean line ? hope this helped!

  6. I dont like any one because i have nothing product do to experiment i am very poor i dont afort to buy any thing please do one hack that any poor can afort thanks?

  7. I like that shoe one she threw in there it helped my shoes. Also what was the nail color she used for 17? It was gorgeous!

  8. i love the song that from decandants 2

  9. comment to me if u r

  10. Who da Nail Polish Queen?!

  11. are those your real nails!?!?!? if so, HOW!!!

  12. Tbh I don't care if it's a top coat or base coat as long as it's clear ??

  13. Thxx for the hacks i really needed it

  14. I also like the eyeshadow one

  15. These hacks are really useful and different! Thanks!

  16. the 14 one really helped me out…..i loved the

  17. Cringing at the thumb cuticle pushing

  18. Thanks so much for the tip about Hollar!

  19. this was so helpful aaaaaa thank you!!!???

  20. I was so excited to find Hollar as nail polishes are very expensive in my country… but of course it only ships within America… :/

  21. But how is it possible to remove the tape or nail tape later??

  22. essie is like over 20€ in finland wth

  23. Does top cost really help your stones stick? I've used it and mine fell off within a few hours.

  24. here in albania with 3 dollars you can buy 6 nail polishes

  25. Is anyone here reading the comments and watching at the same time? ????

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