1940’s Curls – My Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Products I used:

  • Hot Tools 3/4″ Curling Iron

What I’m wearing:

  • Shirt: Forever 21
  • Nails: Butter London The Old Bill


  1. im doing this for a party in my class and I think it will look awesome with my dress thank you so much for this hairstyle its fabulous

  2. wow!Jill is a beauty and she has Angelina Jolie's lips!

  3. How did you do your hair in this tutorial? (:

  4. So today I tried out my curling iron, and decided to try the hair from this video. It took me an hour, because I had to use a LOT of sections, I have a lot of hair, haha. But when I took out the rollers, my curls were already not as tight as in the video 🙁 And after half an hour they were almost completely gone (but it was very windy outside).
    Not sure if I should make the iron hotter, or my hair is just too heavy to hold a curl? Bit disappointed, because I really liked the curls 😉

  5. please do a makeup tutorial on your makeup in this video!?!

  6. how long does it take you to curl all the hair? I have long hair and my hair doesn't curl very well, and it takes me forever

  7. how will you have time to do your hair and makeup and your bridesmaids and flower girl!

  8. I love it when you use this music in your videos! <3

  9. How old are your sisters?

  10. holy cow I remember her from one of your older bohemian short hair updo videos, didn't recognize her with the longer hair! I've read about combing curls around your hand but have never seen anyone do it so thanks for showing us, I'm going to have to try it!

  11. It's no at all the problem! It's the answer to us girls with hopelessly straight hair!! lol

  12. how many siblings do you have?

  13. So cute curls ♥
    and i have a question…where did you buy this mint blouse?

  14. You and your sisters all have so much hair!

  15. If I curled all the hair away from my face, would the curls meet weirdly in the middle in the back?

  16. Gorgeous hair style for a bridesmaid!

  17. What are you talking about they look nothing alike. Haha same coloring though.

  18. Awwww Jill is so pretty she looks just like you

  19. I wear a look pretty close to this for everyday 🙂 I always curl my bangs back too cause it suits the shape of my face. I really love doing this. Only small difference, I use a straightener because I do not yet own a curling wand. I have super thick, super long hair as well so my curls generally fall like loose curls. Beautiful look!

  20. Oh my gosh I remember your little sister from a video YEARS ago!! she's grown up so much!

  21. Are u gonna have pictures of Ur wedding?

  22. You are so pretty both of you. 🙂 Is she younger or older than you?

  23. can you do a tutorial for your updo in this video or do you already have one up??

  24. When u first had the curls down, they reminded me of shirley temple's curls lol

  25. Are you doing your own hair & makeup for the wedding?

  26. you & all your sisters look gorgeous <3

  27. but I don't get it… will YOU be doing YOUR hair AND your bridesmaids' hair? or did you just designed it and someone else will do it for you?

  28. so, is all of her hair divided into two sections and in front of her shoulders? like, what's going on in the back?

  29. your comb and your top matches 🙂
    that distracted me to write this comment and I will have to see the video again!!

  30. you look gorgeous in this video!! 🙂

  31. haha I know right? I say it all the time…it's kind of a problem…

  32. Jill is really pretty with short and medium hair!

  33. Are you doing all of your bridesmaids' hair?

  34. So make all the curls go in…. One Direction? Haha. Sorry. I'm lame. Anyway, I love the hair! It's so pretty!!

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