In this video, I’m going to show you, how to curl your hair overnight without heat to create 2 voluminous, heatless curls / waves hairstyles. These are now my favorite no-heat curl methods!

Today’s hair tutorial is best done on long and medium length hair..

The first heatless wavy hair look a lot like Victoria’s Secret, big messy loose waves. It’s quick and easy to do before bed, and even faster to style the curls in the morning for school or work. I’m using a jumbo size donut, but you can make something similar at home using a rolled up socks. Make sure though that your donut is VERY thick. I took a measuring tape and measured the size of the cylinder, and when I wrapped the tape around it, it measured at 5 1/2 inches thick. To duplicate my curls, make sure your donut is the same size. If you use a small donut, your curls will come out tight. Which can also be a cute look. 🙂 It really depends on what size curl you’re trying to create with this technique.

The second heatless curls method will take you about 5 minutes to put in and is curlier than the first, no heat curls. I’m going to show you, how to do the lazy pin-curl bun method to curl your hair without heat. I thought these heatless curls turned out a lot like the classic voluminous Kim Kardashian curls. They’re big, soft and very glam and sexy.

Try out these simple everyday curls for school, work, prom, homecoming, or weddings.


  1. "today I'm going to show u how to get amazing curls in 5 minutes or less!"
    8 hrs later
    "then we take out the bobby pins and we have gorgeous loose curls!"

  2. Only just discovered your channel ? This is a great way of curling hair when travelling so thanks a lot.

  3. Hello. What have you sprayed in your hair first from the black can for the SECOND hair style?

  4. what was the name of that you spray in your hair

  5. lovely looks easy, curls! hope to try, tk u!

  6. I like the second one but I'm not good with bobby pins

  7. You are the best you curling ideas are super one ?????

  8. What kind of hair elastics are you using?

  9. It's working it's soooo good and I am Devanshi I am age of 12 and I ? love you

  10. Hey your hair are beautifull wich kind of hair cut do you have please ans

  11. very nice looking gd

  12. My hairs shoulder length, and too soft for anything to stay in and it’s super thick. Do you any tips that will work?

  13. You should use a derma roller with the scalp serum to drive the serun deeper into your scalp, I've seen some amazing hair growth using a derma roller use a. 75 or 1.0

  14. Mam my story is same as yours. I have less hairs on my centre part of head. Because of this i have headache alot.

  15. which product you use for hairfall?

  16. It's good but your hair looks EXTREMELY greasy from all the product

  17. And Tina does her makeup PERFECTLY!!!!?

  18. I can just watch makeupwearables for the whole day?

  19. You’re using some kind of oil for hair growth might be something else .. I need to know what’s it ..!!!! Where I’ll get it please reply.. becoz I’m too much loosing my hair
    Please reply soon as possible thanks

  20. Izit possible for realy long hair below to knee to curl like that?

  21. Your really pretty and I love love love your hair. Your hair is long, strong, and beautiful thanks for the video I'll totally try it. Both of the methods. Thank you

  22. i think ur lazy that wise ur doing like this?????

  23. Where is she from? She looks so exotic!

  24. This is sooooo beautiful! Such fabulous, voluminous romantic curls! Like a Pantene commercial! Too bad my hair is already curly (super small curls) but I SO want this look— just not sure my hair will behave enough to achieve it ?

  25. I love your videos and your hair styles are creative and awesome and I really appreciate it however I wanted to say I'm concerned that it appears that you were putting hair dye and chemicals directly onto your scalp and your skin on your head this will definitely cause hair to fall out you should never allow hair chemicals and hair dye to touch the skin on your scalp or any of your other skin for that matter I wish you the best sending lots of love

  26. What type of elastic do you use? If I leave a ponytail in overnight it leaves a big crease. Otherwise, I want to try this!

  27. It looks classy but I just cut 13inches off now I can't use those methods any tricks for medium hair or concoction to use to make hair grow faster longer thicker better?

  28. This video deserves to be shared with the world!

  29. Hy dear my hair long but I m not a pony tail

  30. From where did u got ur neckpiece

  31. This makes me hair greasy but I still love the vid

  32. Wow! Finally a simple enough method for my arthritic hands! I'm trying one of these tonight, to test if this will be my holiday style.

  33. Ew. Whatever she's done to her eyes looks terrible

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