2 EASY HAIRSTYLES + Hairfinity Review

5 minute back-to-school hair tutorial; how to create 2 cute & easy hairstyles for everyday; milkmaid’s half-up, half-down braid, and a loosely braided, messy bun for medium or long hair. Which can be done on straight or curly hair.



  1. I love the first one and going to try the hairstyle for Eid

  2. the both ofnthem i want to grow my hair too lol

  3. ThanQ sooooo much… lovely hairstyles… surely gonna try it now…

  4. I'm sorry to ask but how did u get ur carma on ur phone to see ur hair in the back

  5. i try doing thm but my hair is trimed so yea…..?

  6. Could you do a tutorial with straight hair? So far I've only seen ones with curled hair. They're beautiful and perfect and I love them but what about when you're too lazy to curl it haha

  7. you are th queen of hairstyles i love your video and i wannt to present to you
    I  am Erona from kosovo and I follow you on your channel

  8. I love both the hairstyles. But dont have hair extensions 🙁

  9. you are like the braid master!! 😀

  10. I love your hairstyles ♡ they are jst too good♡ will you please help me with a hairstyle for school maybe? 🙂

  11. Both are really pretty! The second one is my favorite. I think it would be super cute with a pretty headband 🙂

  12. OMG  I Absolutely Love the second one <3 the first one wont wont on my hair
    I Wish i had hair like yours Its so pretty <3

  13. aahh your hair, your hairstyles, your hands, your eyes,even your nails lol :p  everything about you i simply love Tina.. You are my fav hairstylist on Youtube <3 <3 I do try many of your hairstyles, Gonna try these two too :*

  14. I love your videos soo much! I was wondering would you be able to do some tutorials with straight hair? 🙂 Thank you

  15. I hope you will read this, I need a vintage hair tutorial! Please help!!!!!

  16. Love it! Going to try these using Glam Seamless extensions!! Have you tried the tape in method yet? Amazing!!

  17. Hola mi nombre es Denisse soy Chilena y acabo de subir mi segundo video!, sería muy lindo si lo vieran y me dieran su opinión. Muchas gracias<3.

  18. Can you please make a hair tutorial wedding (it fancy) because I'm going to one and don't know what to do my hair (I have long hair) and you should make a makeup tutorial I was looking at your videos and your really good at makeup ?

  19. Can you do a video on ideas for hair  for running/workouts? 🙂

  20. Does anyone else think she looks like Jennifer Lawrence

  21. My hair is nappy hoe did u do those curls ? & how do u have so much volume in ur hair

  22. you look so cute when u speak…. i love both the haistyles… <3
     can you tell me how to do a dutch braid pls…. <3

  23. god how much i love, your NO.  HAIRSTYLE CHANNEL ON THE YOUTUBE . God Bless you .
    i send a hair style pic to you on twitter  that i found when i search on Google i try today also field  ………..ah ….Help me i want to do it but it did't work …..

  24. god bless you with everything you do ,, 

  25. I love that French braid bun, your hair is so beautiful

  26. Hi Tina! Been watching you for a while and have always wondered if your hair is layered? And if it is layered, does that affect the the hairstyles at all? X

  27. I just wanted to know.. Have you had plastic surgery ?

  28. I love love love both hairstyles 😀 

  29. i love your tutorials <3 they are all so easy and redoable <3 thnx <3♥♥♥♥ 

  30. Braids are in fashion this coming Autumn, can you please make easy tutorials on edgy braids and boho braids? Also easy stacked braids for medium to long braids(a mix of crown to beehive braids).

  31. me neha…thnku for reply…allow me 2 send u some pics….so that u get exact idea of hairstyles…..plz give option for sending pics….

  32. Me neha….Thnku ma'am for reply….plz allow me 2 send u some pics of the hairstyles so that u get exact idea of hairstyles….so plz give option for sending pics….

  33. Love the hairstyles :). Your curls were beautiful too ^^. I've been trying to grow my hair out, and I've used biotin supplements. I've had the same problem as you – major breakouts almost immediately after I started using it. The supplement I used had no additional vitamins or minerals, it was just a single dosage of biotin per pill. I think I might try out Hairfinity and see of it works. Maybe it is the vitamin B that stops the breakouts XD. Thanks Tina :).

  34. shes looks just like kareena kapoor

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