2-Minute EASY Elegant BUN Hairstyle

Hair tutorial: how to do a quick & easy bun hairstyle for everyday for long or medium hair.

What other cute hairstyles should we do, let me know down below. Want more updos, braids, messy buns, half-up, half-down updos, or more school hairstyles?

Elegant low, messy bun hairstyles can be done on straight, curly or layered hair and are perfect for busy mornings for school or work. Try this romantic spring updo for Valentine’s Day!


  1. No a two minuet video a 5 minuet hairstyle

  2. Hi..tina I really love ol ur hairstyle but can u plz tell me what kind of pins do u use to hold n create a bun

  3. Sigh, my hair doesn’t look that nice and I played with it for half an hour… ☹️ Any tips on how to tease property and how to clip properly?? Neither are staying

  4. . I tried this hairstyle and it was so easy

  5. I love the hairstyle:) can u please let us know that color of nail polish you are wearing

  6. Hey, so cut ! J'adore. Cela me donne l'idée de l'essayer et de l'adopter. Classe, chic juste pour habiller une tenue simple. Merci

  7. These elegant buns wäre super wearable! I do a lot ob myself for a Dailey basis ?

  8. Video: takes 2 minutes
    Me: takes 5 hours

  9. Nudne nsgraj kok na turniej tańca towarzyskiego

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