2 Summer BRAID / Cute Half-Updo & Messy Bun Hairstyles

Hair tutorial: how to create 2, everyday spring braid hairstyles for short, medium or long hair! Two cute hairstyles with Retro Half-up braids and messy braided bun for school or work.

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In today’s, step-by-step, quick and easy hair tutorial for beginners, I’m going to show you how to do a Dutch braid half-up hairstyle on your own hair and how to French braid your hair to create a triple braided, romantic and elegant, messy low bun. Easy hairstyles for spring and summer.

I love everyday braids because they’re easy and quick to do. The spring hairstyles in this hair tutorial can be done on curly, wavy, straight, or is layered. Moreover, these look beautiful on all facial shapes – square, oval, diamond, or on a round face.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a Dutch braid Half-up half-down hairstyle and how to do a triple, French braid messy bun.

Try out these simple braid hairstyles for your prom, homecoming, wedding, and other parties.

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  1. I love you talking of way like you say todayyyyyyyyy

  2. I like your videos, but sometimes your music gives me a headache. why can't you just do a video without the noise?

  3. I wish you had more time toake more videos? I've gone through them all!?? lovely always!?

  4. also help me for how can I highlight my hair like u

  5. hey I m from India…. n I want hair like urs… My hair are so rough.. I want like ur haircut.. colur…strength… everything's plz answer me…. n I love u alot

  6. nice hair style love both of them, nice music too , I want the song name anyone to assist me?

  7. and i practice your hairstyle s

  8. she is so cute or vo hairstyle ek no tarike se sikhati h and i am big fan of u

  9. she is so beautiful and i love her

  10. wow hair quwin is makeupwareables

  11. salut superbe video je te trouve tres sexy. je tenais également à savoir si tu pouvais m'aider à trouver une fille super canon appelée oceane dematteis qui te suivrait sur ta chaine. Si oui pourrais tu m'aider à entrer en contact avec elle ? je te remercie d'avance a plus et continue ces réalisations de qualité

  12. Oh, the last one is beautiful, I love it!

  13. I love these styles but I can't repeat them. My hair isn't that long or that thick and I'm 15 so I'm not gonna buy some extensions .? lol

  14. Hey…i cant make my puff stay in place…i use ur method…still cant….:( what should I do….i even use bobby pins in cross direction…

  15. I ordered the same luxy hair extensions that you are wearing here but mine came in sooo much blonder! Did you color yours to warm them up.  Also I LOVE your ombre.  Do you have any NYC hair salon suggestions.  I am Asian and do not trust alot of people:)

  16. both are great, but I liked the 2nd one more=) thank you for the great idea!=)

  17. the 2nd one I liked more:))) thank you so much for the great idea!:)

  18. What nail polish color do you have on?! I love it!!!

  19. Do you have a video on how to do the zig-zag part?

  20. You are just so good in what you do!!!! I really appreciate all what you do! I have a question, do you have a video that shows more in dept braiding for beginers;)? And also have you ever tried the bellami hair extensions? I am not sure if I should go for the brand you have or bellami, a lot of people talks a lot of good things about bellami. I just want to know if you tried them and which you prefer the best. Thank you, and I love you for all you do!

  21. You look a lot like Chloe Bennet/Skye from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  22. OMG I really love this and especially the bangs u added. This hairstyle is easy and cute. Thank u very much and aging thank u for the side bangs u added I really like that

  23. I have a question. What color is ur hair? Like what color did u dye it? What's it called? Because your hair is exactly how I want mine to be. Its very beautiful! ???

  24. Can you please please please do a video on hair extensions and which brand you like best. I noticed that you have used estelle's secret, luxury for princess and now luxy hair I'm am very interested in buying a new set of extensions but I am also very skeptical due to other brands I have had issues with that I had purchased online in the past !! Thanks so much – Ashley

  25. my hair fall so much whenever I tease them… can u tell me a solution for that pls?!!?!

  26. Girl, I freakin' LOVE your hairstyles! I do my best to do them but my hair is shorter… could you do more hairstyles that can be for hair a few inches below the shoulders?
    Love you!<3

  27. I liked (Y) the Messy bun hairstyle and I want to ask why dont you make a makeup tutorial video on how you do your own (Tina) routine makeup or before you make hairstyle videos +MakeupWearables Hairstyles  #Loveyou  

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