2 Ways to Get Princess Jasmine’s Hair

No matter who you are, you’ll be able to do one of these styles! I hope you love it and share pics with me using #KayleyMelissa!

What I used:


  1. That was AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing

  2. I LOVE The last one because it's so authentic to the character!

  3. where did you get her princess jasmine costume from! its super cute it would be greatly appreciated if you responded 🙂

  4. Great hairstyle?? what does her tattoo say? Its gotgeous!

  5. I'm going to dye my hair like that.

  6. In final Jasmine hair, fir someone have natural long hair(i have) ,in final, the points is free. The last elastic (i never use elastic because btocken. I use normal hairpin for).
    I loved,subscreve me and hugs from Brazil.

  7. I'm gonna do this when I disneybound as Jasmine

  8. I was named after princess jasmine and that's not even a joke like I legit was named after her

  9. I did the easy hairstyle and it turned out so nice, thanks for doing Jasmine's hairstyle. ?

  10. me gustan los peynados

  11. i did this . and i went to school with this

  12. Seems like it just sort of worked out that the natural hair + extensions was the exact same length as the pony tail. What it your hair stops part way down? how do you hide the too short ends? And without any extra hair is there another way to finish off the pony tail?

  13. finally good informative easy to follow tutorials with proper English and dictation , lovely!

  14. URGENT
    I went to order the hair from the website but it said that it only ships to the US and Canada. Does anyone know any cheap hair extension you can order that ship to the uk??????

  15. Kayley Parabéns, lindíssimo 🙂


  17. Just thought would be soo cool if you could do a princess Titania or a Pocahontas hair style <3

  18. wow best tutorial, I love love love the second way, it has the perfect fullness, closest to the real thing, ???

  19. I can't find those foam things anywhere and when I describe them, no one knows what I'm talking about. Does anyone know what they are actually called?

  20. This is awesome! I've always wondered how to get the jasmine hair.

  21. How would it come out on blondes? ?

  22. You're so talented & creative!

  23. I DREAM of being your hair model one day! I love you Kayley! Cool hairstyle too.

  24. Omg Thank you so much! This is the best Princess Jasmine hair tutorial ever now I can finally make my cosplay wig

  25. where do you get your costumes!! 

  26. Omg, you have no idea how hard it was to look for Princess Jasmine hair tutorial! You are a lifesaver! Lol.

  27. Can you pleaseeee do Snow White? That's what I'm going to be this year! I need help and a tutorial (:

  28. Beautiful! Jasmine is my favourite princess 🙂

  29. I'm really liking the DIY hair attachments you've been doing lately. Even though I have short hair and don't really do anyone else's hair anymore, it's really fascinating to watch. 😀

  30. You should do an Ariel one!!

  31. I'd love to see some more pixie hairstyles, Kayley! Or maybe some Halloween-specific pixie hairstyles? Thanks! : D

  32. Please do a faux bob hairstyle for Snow White! I would love to see your take on it:)

  33. so awesome! finally an easy way to create the jasmine hairstyle with things i actually have! thanks!

  34. You should do a Princess Leia style!

  35. WOW! What an amazing hairstyle!!!! Can't wait for the next video(:

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