1. Whos here from WillNE?

  2. 5:09
    Guys instead of using glue use gelatin or something similar
    (Glue isn't good for ur skin <especially ur face>)

  3. Coloca a tradução por favor

  4. Dad has cancer and is very weak this channel make me and him happy

  5. I've never met someone whose feet peeled like that… so satisfying when it all came off. I'm weird I know.

  6. This video suggested the use of talcolm powder. There is a possibility that it is linked to cancer.

  7. Cleaning your teeth with soda will wipe off your enamel and cause serious damage, just sayin.

  8. Baking soda like baking powder ???

  9. What is name of this song in this clip since 2:17?

  10. the first clip its bright side
    do you work together ?

  11. Hey wanna know something

    Read more

  12. alguen sabe hablar en español

  13. Coke would ruin your teeth not help them…

  14. I wish to see the face of the person using a curcuma (turmeric) mask. Hahaha they'd look like a Simpson's character.

  15. Thanks I’m in a crafts because they spend way too much time finding these crafts like I haven’t seen or when you posting that many crafts in like 20 minutes drops them

  16. Wut is 1 swipe of deodorant gonna do for u

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