20 Gory Nail Art Ideas For The Bravest Halloween Lovers

You’ve still got less than a week until Halloween night and I bet you already chose your spookiest costume. In case you haven’t, though, here are some awesome ideas to get started. If you are currently working on the details, like your nails, for instance, feel free to borrow some of these ingenious Halloween nail-art ideas. Because Halloween will not be complete without all those fake blood nails and black paint all over your body. Gory nail art will not only shock everyone, but you as well, every time you look at your own spooky nails.

It is also an easy DIY as you only need some false nails, fake blood, and dark eyeshadow. To try this out at home, cut or split your fake nails open, apply fake blood, and then lightly apply the eyeshadow to your cuticles and nail tips to make your talons look dirty or bruised. The possibilities don’t stop here! Find out about some more ideas in the following Instagram posts.

1. Eyeballs

2. One bloody finger

3. Freddy nightmare nails

4. Cracked cuticles will never look more real!

5. Bruised and cracked nail art

6. Open wounds that hurt like hell

7. Zipper nail wounds

8. Sewn nails – beyond creepy!

9. Nail worms

10. A Real heart

11. Cracked nails are never dull

12. Ripped-off nail

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13. Nail in your nail?!

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14. Gory Stiletto nails

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15. Peeled-off

16. Broken

17. Gory nail art is the best

18. Cracked in the middle

19. Split nails

20. Gory cuticle