20-Minute Full-Body Fit and Sexy Sculpting Workout

Sculpt your body with this 20-minute fit and sexy workout! Grab a pair of free weights, and get ready to work!

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  1. I definitely could kept going on this one!

  2. The beginning is slow, the workout itself is great but then a 5-minute cooldown! I wish this was longer! I don't feel like I worked out 20 minutes.

  3. I did this one today. I loved that it was fast paced.

  4. Nice beginner's workout with a slight burn

  5. Those push ups officially made me sweat haha

  6. This is a good workout, but it is really only 10 minutes of work. The warm up was five minutes and the cool down was five minutes.

  7. Yesterday was a strenuous runnung day and I was searching for a mostly arms and core workout without to much jumping – this one was perfect! I added your 10-min. Toning arms and the new10-min. Brandon Goodman arms to round out my workout.

  8. Loved it,great for the days I only have 20 mins. Anything is better than nothing. Thanks

  9. Just subbed! it would be awesome to support eachother. I think youll really enjoy my content. ✌️

  10. Love this one, I like the long full body stretch at the end. I always feel more flexible after I workout with you girls.

  11. Hey POPSUGAR, i have been working out to your videos for 2 months now and i just gotta say that i love the way you guys post back-to-back videos and i also love that your workout routines doesn't look rehearsed. It's all natural LOL….THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS

  12. Great workout! I repeated the last round for extra burn!

  13. Anna, i love your videos. Thank you so much for posting them!!!❤️

  14. Anna, i love your videos. Thank you so much for posting them!!!❤️

  15. I love your videos!! Can you make another Tabata workout? Keep up the amazing work! ❤️?

  16. This was great but I wish it was longer!

  17. Love these 20 minute workouts! I find anything more than 20 minutes is way too long for my attention span for workouts lol.

  18. Amazing as always. Wonderful work out – both intense and relaxing ❤??

  19. How about beginner Yoga videos? Would love to see that. Love all your videos

  20. I love these workouts! I started this year at 208lbs. So far this year I have lost 28lbs since June, I haven't modified diet just do portion control and I feel amazing! Working out with Anna and the other instructors is so much fun and they encourage you to go that little bit further, getting my body back after carrying two huge babies was hard!!!

  21. Thanks a lot for this! Due to injury i can no longer do exercises on my knees. This was great; straightforward, simple and effective. Please do more of these short focused workouts, either full body or lower body/abs, would really appreciate it 🙂

  22. Very nice challenging short workout, thank you

  23. I am waiting all day for a new workout!thanks

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