Make a super cute scrunchie with a hot glue gun, learn how to make a spray to straighten your hair when you’re in a rush, curl your hair with a hair straightener.

Being beautiful is not that hard! 🙂


  1. جميل ال عربي لايك ?

  2. You crazy what are you making sow any thing hhhhh

  3. Roots! Either bleach it again or dye the blonde part, it looks awful.

  4. thxs for the hacks 5-minute crafts

  5. Repeats, repeats and repeats…

  6. By the looks of the thumbnail, it looks like these people have no idea what they're doing…

  7. Jullie herhalen echt letterlijk alles pff??

  8. Amo muito as dicas desse canal

  9. Black folks been using the sock bun method foh ?

  10. 2:18 use water and coconut oil fixes your hair and makeup …….. LOL

  11. Diffrent music

    I LIKE IT!❤️?

  12. They show the same things every video

  13. وللله انا جرب مو صرشي

  14. can anybody please tell me what that beat was?! Amazing!

  15. تزبزبظى.ة دبظا قن قظت ية رى

  16. Bizden da iyi mi topuz biliyorsunuz hele ??

  17. Don't u have some other new hacks . U guys always pick hacks from your old videos .please add some new hacks instead of repeating old hacks from ur videos

  18. I always say to my self why I watch like these crafts why i watch this

    Who is like me ?

  19. Don't you just LOVE how these hair videos feature people with barbie doll hair and nothing else, like there aren't people with TEXTURED HAIR? Just saying. Can you get someone without barbie doll hair! Thanks^-^

  20. ek video ko baar baar kyu dikhate ho yaar??

  21. i know this life hacks with hot gun thank you ???? WoW
    i hope to help me to arrive 10K please enter on my name

  22. Nothing new here, most haks from other videos repeated.

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