DESIGN YOUR OWN BAG! You have a lot of thing like old t-shirts, bottles, books, towels, and jeans that you want to throw away? Stop! The answer is recycling! Why? There are a lot of reasons and the first one is that is a way to help the environment. You not only save money but also help the environment by reducing waste. The next reason is the minimalist lifestyle. Yes, reuse will help you to clean more space at home and focus on other essential parts of our life as relationships, art, and self-development.

Check out these incredibly stylish DIY bags ideas! You are extremely sentimental and can’t throw away your old book or notebook. No problem! Turn your old notebook into a clutch using glue gun and fabric.

Watch our video and find how to make a bag out of recycled plastic bottles. You will need 3 plastic bottles, rope and only a couple of minutes! Follow our instructions: cut the bottles, make holes, join the three bottles with the rope. Voila!

Turn your old sunglasses case into a fashionable clutch purse with super simple step by step video tutorial. This inexpensive DIY project not only saves your money but also good for the environment. This clutch is perfect for your birthday party, next Christmas or wedding.
If your jeans are really old, we suggest cutting it out to make a cute cosmetic bag.
Create a towel beach bag that requires basic sewing skills and suppliers and that you can easily throw in the washer to clean!

You will find more ideas on how you can reuse your old T-shirt, jeans, hoodie, even candy wrapper or any kind of fabric and turn it into a unique bag or clutch with apple prints!
You’ll be surprised by the number of things you can turn into real works of handmade art!


  • 00:30 Recycled plastic bottles idea
  • 01:34 DIY Notebook clutch
  • 07:11 Old jeans reuse
  • 08:27 Apple print
  • 13:27 Candy wrapper trick