1. Don't do the suction cup! Just use a photo editing program to make your lips appear bigger!

  2. catches your hair on fire

  3. Help

  4. 미친 이건스킵이안돼있게되있네요.ㄷㄷ?

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  6. Epic!!!!! Love and light to all!!!!!

  7. this is the dumbest idea I've ever heard how to fix a broken nail really so dumb she's. not fixing it she putting the teabag part on it so dumb

  8. the thumbnail is so messed up….

  9. Yep just burn ur hair it's not flammable at all 😀

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  11. The kylie lip challange is illegal so please dont do the thumbnail

  12. 1:56 I wanna do that to buth in my school everyone laughs about you if you do that in your haire I hate that?

  13. Food sharp transition promise invest properly distinction guest institutional sharp makeup

  14. Whatever u uploaded before u r uploading again and again

  15. One thing

    The Kylie Jenner challenge is dangerous

  16. Plzz make a beauty hack on How to get rid of nose bumps or to make nose small ??

  17. 1:29 like you have metallic teeth ?
    2:08 ARE YOU BURNING YOUR HAIR?! I mean, I tried it. It does nothing.

  18. I thought this was a Kylie Jenner lip challenge compilation….

  19. you know the lip challenge will actually rupture your lips and likely cause bruising, scarring, and bleeding, right?

  20. 7:29 who else caught the spelling mistake?

  21. 1:01 she's dead inside

    I'm dying XD

  22. Wow, but I'm not burning my hair

  23. Um… The thumbnail looks painful

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  26. Don’t do the lip one my cousin tried it then her lips got infected

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