2018 BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS! | Fitness, Hair, Skin, & Health Goals!


  1. What is the intro music you used? The beat is amazing

  2. New SUBSCRIBER here .. you are so pretty ???

  3. By the way,, I am not leaving ur channel.

  4. Omg I saw you posted and I tapped on it straight away!!!!! GIRL YOU HONESTLY SLAY!!! I’m so glad I’m watching you I’ve been watching you for a long time now and you never fail to let your fans down. I have been going through a rough patch of my hair journey I’ve only wore braids for my entire life and have no confidence at all because people at my school was taking the mic out of me because I looked like “Rosa Parks” and that day I never wore my natural hair and my natural hair very short and I’d like to grow it out this year with NO BRAIDS , NO WEAVE OR NO HEAT DAMAGE could you give me any advice ❤️❤️ LOVE YOU ❤️❤️

  5. Omg this video was the push I️ was looking for? just to say I have fallen in love with your channel like I am hooked for good???? you are amazing

  6. I literally would watch you talk about anythingggg lol i love your videos!

  7. Do you think you would ever film an “at the gym with me” video? I don’t always see a lot of black women youtubers do those kinds of videos but i think it would be really cool !

  8. Love the  video and the quote! Who is the quote from?

  9. I be watching all your videos for over 6 months and just realized that I wasn’t subscribed… I am so shocked

  10. we have similar health resolutions!!!!

  11. What are you wearing on your lips in this video? I love it!! You’re makeup is flawless and natural looking as always?

  12. I love you kaice?❤
    Love from the Bahamas??❤

  13. I love reading all of these positive comments ?♥️

  14. Happy New Year…I definitely don't have a sleep schedule….I work overnights…I'm a night person…good luck with your goals…

  15. The new intro is fire! Such an aesthetic!

  16. I will definitely follow thru this journey! I need to do the same for all you’ve listed! ??❤️ I love your videos babygirl! ?

  17. can't even tell you how long i have been trying to get myself into a sleep routine. don't even remember the last time i went to bed before 12 ..its really bad with me lol but i am definitely going to start waking up earlier too and doing something with my day instead of staying in the house. I feel wayyyy better when i get up early and have a whole day ahead of me.

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