21 Cool Manicure Tips For Gorgeous Nails

Most women love doing their nails or having their nails done or anything that has to do with nails really. And no, we don’t do it for the men – it’s something that we love and enjoy doing for ourselves and because of ourselves.


Who wouldn’t want to be able to go to the salon and get their nails done every time they need a polish? Sadly, not all of us can afford such a luxury. So we have to make do on own. That’s why we are always searching for new methods for long and strong nails, new shades of nail polish, new kinds of nail art to try on, and new accessories to apply.

21 Cool Manicure Tips For Gorgeous Nails

And, of course, we love browsing the Internet for new ideas to try out. But most of the time it’s seems impossible to achieve the perfection we see online. It looks so easy when someone else is doing it, but attempt it at home, and the result is not even similar to the real thing. If you’re tired of this happening to you, and, frankly, so are we, we have a few tips to offer you that are bound to up your manicure game, courtesy of Aunty Acid.

1. Back to basics

Every craftsman needs his tools, and to do the perfect manicure you need a full equipment kit. This is everything you’re going to need:


2. The shape of you

When you are deciding which shape you want to file your nails in, you need to pay attention to their natural shape. Not every kind of nail can be filed into every shape. For example, if you have square shaped nails, you can’t achieve the coffin shape without heavily damaging your nail. Once you’ve chosen the shape which you like best and which fits your nails, get a good nail file and file away.


3. Making do

If you don’t have any nail polish handy, it’s not a problem. Make a mixture from white vinegar, alcohol, and some lemon and voilà! Homemade nail polish remover!


4. Easy removal

All you need is a small container and some sponge. Stuff the sponge inside leaving a hole in the middle. Pour some nail polish remover onto the sponge and stick your finger in the middle. Twist it a few times when you take it out, the nail polish is gone! This is an amazing trick for darker shades of polish – you will avoid getting your whole fingers stained with it.


5. Dealing with stubbornness

Tired of dealing with that stubborn gel nail polish? Get some gauze and soak it in acetone. Wrap the gauze around your nails and cover it with some tin foil to hold it in place. After five minutes remove it, and you’ll see the gel polish will come right off!


6. Polish control

To prevent getting nail polish all over your fingers, apply a light coat of Vaseline around your nails. Then paint your nails, and remove the excess from your fingers with a cotton swab.


7. Perfect painting

This is how you’re supposed to apply the nail polish to achieve perfect results.


8. Hygiene is important

Take good care of the manicure tools. Before every use make sure they’re clean and sterilized.



9. Healthy mind in healthy nails

There you go! You need mani-pedis to be happy and healthy!


10. Fifty shades

If you want your nails to look super cool, the ombre technique is always a safe bet.


11. Homemade matte

If you’re partial to the matte look, you don’t need to go and buy a new nail polish. You can make your regular polish look matte with some cornstarch!


12. Going halfsies

Half shiny, half matte – what’s not to love about this technique?


13. Taped up

Create any pattern you like in any colour you like. All you need is some thin tape and your imagination!


14. Making it up as we go!

Add some white polish for the first nail, some more for the second, even more for the third, and so on to  achieve an awesome gradient effect.


15. Unorthodox tools

Who knew a fan brush could make your nails look so edgy?


16. The French way

Some scotch tape can work perfectly for a homemade French manicure.


17. Scribble, scribble

Nail art has never been simpler: just use a Sharpie!


18. All that glitters… is better than all that doesn’t!

You know what’s even better than a Sharpie? A metallic Sharpie! Is there a more elegant combination than black and gold?


19. I came looking for copper and I found gold!

Not having steady hands for drawing with a tiny brush is not a problem when you can just cut a shape out of a copper leaf and stick it onto your nail!


20. Polka dots

A bobby pin is the tool you need when you want some super cool polka dots on your nails. Who needs specialist tools?


21. Cuticle cure

This is how you take care of your cuticles:


Source: auntyacid