21 Uses for Petroleum Jelly You Don’t Know About

Many of us would like to own an inexpensive and effective item that can be used for self-care. Bright Side invites you to learn some useful properties of petroleum jelly and its uses apart from cosmetic purposes. Read and make a note for yourself.


  1. does it removes dark skin like on your elbows or knees ?

  2. Ladies wet your lips with water to dampen the roughness and put a layer of vaseline on them before going to bed and then overnight MAGIC will happen. I've been doing this for months and my lips are always SO SOFT AND SMOOTH!

  3. Jeez.. People are so confused with Vaseline and petroleum jelly.. Uhm, hello? There are many brands of petroleum jelly and Vaseline is just the leading brand.???

  4. I always put petroleum jelly on my face it helps a lot, I recommend it ??

  5. the narrator's accent sounds like a narrator in a commercial

  6. 이야이야오 이야이야오

  7. The oil in petroleum jelly makes you break out

  8. I usually put Vaseline on my face before going to bed like if you also do it

  9. Forget this video, just bathe in Vaseline

  10. Use vaseline and mix other
    substance became and floor wax

    Isn't that posibble

  11. is it okay to wash your face with a papaya soap, then apply ice cube then apply vaseline petroleum jelly every night?


  13. I use it for my eyebrows and my eyelashes, also my lips and nails

  14. Use petroleum jelly on your eyelashes it will make them look longer and thicker no need of mascara now.
    Use vaseline on lips then put lipstick, it wont make your lips dried after applying lipsticks.
    Use it on eyebrows, it will make them look thicker, it works like eyebrow line.

  15. You can also use this for rough or cracked heels.. every night put petroleum jelly on your cracked heels and put socks after.. it works

  16. Believe it or not, if you have frizzy hair, a great way to fix it is by using coconut oil. The oil also makes your hair softer.

  17. Wow im gonna use it forever ?

  18. Interesting ways to use petroleum jelly, but why would you use such a terrible product on your body I mean it is petroleum jelly = petrol jelly!

  19. is any kind of petroleum jelly will do?

  20. The girl at 0:4 is a bollywood indian actress ……her name is TABU

  21. I put petroleum jelly on my face because my face have bitten by cocrouch

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