Did you know that you already have one of the most effective beauty tools at home? Scotch tape is incredibly multifunctional! You can use it to smooth wrinkles and to tape neck to look thinner and younger. Moreover, you can use it to make your belly look thinner. Another cool idea is to use tape for the manicure!
Pimples are very embarrassing and may appear suddenly and in the most inappropriate moment: before the date or birthday. Check out a recipe to remember: mix aspirin with water and apply till a pimple is gone.
You can make any shadows you like after watching our video! You will need Vaseline, glitter, and pigment. Microwave for 2 minutes. Ready!

If you don’t have a perfect figure, there are a lot of ways to look perfect! If your dress looks not so good and you feel uncomfortable, use shapewear! Besides, it’s a great solution if you have an important event and want to look stunning. It’s helpful not only for women with excess weight but also for women who want to hide cellulite or creases in the belly and hip areas.
Most of us don’t like when it’s hot outside and one of the most annoying problems is touching thighs. Use baby shampoo to forget about this problem.
We share with you an easy lifehack on how to make your waist look smaller without shapewear. Simply wrap your belly with plastic wrap. Don’t wrap it too tight especially if you are planning an active day.
Check out makeup tricks to make your face look thinner. Use a makeup technique called “contouring” to create the illusion of slimmer cheeks, thinner nose, and bigger lips. You just need to learn how to use dark and light tones correctly. The key rule to remember is to darken everything you want to hide and to lighten everything you want to highlight. Remember that you can use tweezers to highlight your nose.


  1. Al fin hacks para gordas y no para flaca

  2. I don't know if anyone has commented on this but putting nail polish on your eyes is so dangerous. There are videos of girls doing this and they immediately start hurting. There are chemicals in nail polish that shouldn't be near your eyes

  3. I just love to watch 5 minutes craft and these hacks really work ???

  4. When you do that aspirin trick thing for the fake pimple, you might want to know that PIMPLES DON'T GET THAT BIG.

  5. Algumas coisas Sam úteis mas são muito poucas o resto e palha sada ?

  6. en serio les importa la mirada del otro?

  7. GROSS!!! Celotaped is a big no no…. That's cheating

  8. What is the deal with all the tape?
    Kathy B.

  9. 5:59 changing herself again
    5 minute crafts why are changing people from their own selfs into models?

  10. I cant believe that I waste my time for this……

  11. Запомните русские везде!!

  12. She changed her hairstyle, it used to be a brown bob now it's long and black. (don't blame me for noticing)

  13. For all those "plus size" girls you don't need these and neither does anyone else, we are all perfect and shouldn't be defined by what others expect us to look like. You are beautiful, and perfect

  14. I don't think the person who made this has ever seen a pimple before.

  15. wait whats up with the nail polish on eye lids 1:45??? That is extremely toxic!!! …….ohhh it was vaseline mixed with glitter…..hmm still bad

  16. For the deep plunge dress, that girl don't even have cleavage so there is no point to tape the dress too her body

  17. wraps yellow tape all over face
    I'm handsome again

  18. Who keeps using all the double-sided tape?…

  19. Who else loves the girl with a blue and green eyes new hair color

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