1. same stuff all the time….ughh

  2. The one with the stocking on her face im like yes now i know what im being for halloween (if you cant guess click read more)

    A MERMAID?➖?

  3. 0:20 they already make those and sell them at the dollar store, and probably work better than yours…….??

  4. Bide türkçesini yapsanız ne iyi olacak ?

  5. How manytimes u will repeat a hack

  6. Not ok to copie hacks every sara hack and you made it borring the only reason anyone whould wach this is if they arw desprit step up your game

  7. There coping off of Sara Beauty corner

  8. How about blue nail varnish on nails and lips…..misleading and quite dangerous.Also putting eye shadow on eye lids can damage your eyes.

  9. talcum powder is a no no…it causes severe respiratory, in fct, I think it's been banned

  10. Idc who they get it from, what upsets me is that they do the same hacks in they videos. Then they try to trick you by putting a few different ones with the same hacks

  11. Varias ideas las copio de Tromm Tromm esLike a que si o no

  12. You copied Sara Beauty Corner you need to come up with your own hacks

  13. Some or the other way around they posted all these hacks long back ago..and then compiled into 1 video! As simple as that!! It is not that they copied…you can't blame someone like that! (Read all of it patiently!)

  14. A lot of people copy from Pinterest and other youtubers for ideas.

  15. every one is beautiful in their own way

  16. 8:15 i know nothing about this
    Sorry for my english, i speak portuguese

  17. You are copying Sara beauty corner sooooo bad

  18. You are copying Sara beauty corner sooooo bad

  19. I dont wanna get rid of my double chin

    his name is bernard

    He's my best friend

  20. Thease are good but it’s not a big deal sahrabutycorner is shore popular

  21. so easy i probably can do something harder!hahaha

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