1. Eu amo ver esse canal vejo todo dia

  2. what amazing ideas I love I never miss a clear video I almost never comment because I speak Spanish and I have to translate everything

  3. Love these videos. I can watch them for hours.

  4. I would not risk my life just to stating my hair that's just dumb

  5. Are you crazy??!?! You are such a fool.you burn your hair with ? fire?! Stop this madness no subscribe,no like,no comment

  6. 13:11 the girl left a lot of hair out lol like and comment same if you saw it too

  7. Note from hairdresser- never put flame to hair!

  8. It is a proven fact that enlarging you lips as shown at 10:46 is dangerous. This channel sucks and is dangerous. People plz don't watch them! These ppl just want likes, and views so they can rule and be at the top easily. They just want money and don't care how they get it! Please don't watch the vids!

  9. 3:47 I really hope she stops smiling like that, its creeping me out. also, i also hope that the shirt was clean.

  10. 個人的に 3:50 がめっちゃいい!やりたい?

  11. It's very bad you repeat videos..????

  12. With 7M subscribers you'd think you could put some re$ource$ in to developing new material. I think I've watched the same regurgitated hacks way too many times. Time to get creative!

  13. Was number 4 nits or dandruff?

  14. انا اكثر شيئ حبيته هو مال الشالات

  15. Would have liked to see how 2:36 was done but can't see by the video

  16. yung unang model na babae kamukha nung anak ni lot-lot de leon, yung sa legally blind hahaha. janine ba?

  17. The thumbnail is just clickbait

  18. Who watches this but never tries them? XD

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