This treatment is virtually painless and lasts from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the number of hairs. Threading can be used on eyebrows, mustache, face, hands and feet, and the results last about four weeks. If you are always looking for a less painful method of plucking unwanted hair from your face and body, cotton thread technique is the answer!

Plucking or threading is performed by rapid shrinkage and expansion of the thread so you can get a hold of even the smallest hair and pull them from the roots. This treatment is completely hygienic because the thread which was used is thrown away after touching the facial area.

This method can work even on the shortest hair and eyebrows that are not easy to tame. During the procedure no chemicals are used, so threading is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

1. Use only natural cotton thread.
You can probably find one in your mothers/grandmothers sewing kit. Make sure you use a good quality one, strong thread. There is no special thread for threading, you can use any thread as long as it is strong and doesn’t snap easily.

2. Loosely tie a loop of thread around your neck and tie a knot – don’t worry, it won’t harm you.

3. Form a triangle.
Hold the loose string in one hand and with the other hold a string around your forefinger and thumb. Then twist the triangle about 7 times.

4. Lower and raise the loose end of the string while holding your triangle tot to create a rolling instrument.
This movement will catch few hairs in the twists and pluck them out.

5. Find a volunteer and firmly place the line of twists to the area to be threaded.

Move up and down while pulling the loose end of the string. Slightly pull your neck from the area being threaded. The straight line of twists will catch any hair in its path and it’s especially helpful while taming wild eyebrow to create a neat, elegant look.

Best practice is achieved on your own leg, it’s easily reachable. You have to strain too much to look for hair or to reach it, and don’t need a mirror either.

While sitting comfortably on a chair, prop up one leg and identify the area from which you want to remove hair. Place the thread on this portion. One end of the hair should be wound part, and the thread from the other side should be on both sides of the hair you want to pluck.

Now, relocate the wound portion to the other side as you make sure it catches the hair you marked. As it moves back and forth, it will lift the hair from the root and pluck it out.

Practice is essential – you have to put some effort into it to manage this ancient skill. And if you know how to thread your upper lip yourself, you can run thread through it for a couple of minutes every other day so your upper lip is always completely hair free. Waiting for waxing session at the parlor becomes history!

This is how it’s done. Now you can easily get rid of unwanted hair in places no hair should ever be!

Remember to always use a different string of cotton thread and apply some talc on the area you plucked. Enjoy! : )


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