00:33 You need this for your heels!

02:31 How to get defined abs in a minute
05:28 Get rid of pimples
09:33 Perfect lip makeup
12:30 DIY makeup bag from an old umbrella


  1. Love u guys but so many repeated hacks

  2. If we apply honey means hair will not became White??

  3. These crafts have really helped me and all my hobo friends in our cardboard boxes we pretend its a fashion show leaving a like for original 100% legit hobo hacks.

  4. Cleaning the brush with the drill thing

    Jefree never heard of her


  5. At 4:48, the foot exfoliant solution tells you the citric acid, and the aspirin, but doesn't tell you what the liquid is. That could be white vinegar, or water. They give half assed tips, and leave out steps. I'm not impressed, and I'm unsubbing

  6. You repeat your same video with different thumbnails

  7. حلوا كثييير عن جد??

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  20. Girls in this vid r already beautiful tho

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  22. I love you but please don’t always repeat the same hacks!!????

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  24. why her nails take so long to dry

  25. to you need to 1000 turn to be registered like

  26. I just realized she has two different color eyes

  27. These things are fake but yet I still watch there videos

  28. omg she doesn’t need to work out

  29. hi I  love you guys# 5minutecratsquad

  30. 5 minute crafts when you put the colouring pencils in the water you can't put it on your face you know why because it's TOXIC how i would that because i try it and my Brother said "Why are you puting it on your Face it's TOXIC"? that's how i know.???

  31. I love these hacks and the concept of this Chanel but i do have a complaint. Some of the life hacks in this Chanel Do not work. I know this because I tried the life hack for my self. It maybe that I’m not doing it right or something like that but I do know that some of these life hacks do not work. For example the toothpaste pimple life hack (It did nothing). Look I really love your Chanel some of these life hacks really do work. I’m just saying make sure that the life hacks are more clear before posting. Thank you for taking a moment of your time to read this!

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  33. Guys who’s your favorite person in 5 minute crafts mine is the girl with short hair(the blue and green eye girl..)

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