We prepared a list of useful underwear lifehacks that every girl should know. Transform old panties into the no-stitch top! Sounds crazy? Check out our video!

The scarf is the most versatile item in your closet as this one piece of fabric can literally be worn a million and one ways. You will learn how to turn your scarf into the stylish top in 5 minutes, summer dress, skirt and beach bag! Also, you will learn how to wear scarves in winter to look flawless!

Also, find in our video genius storage idea for your bra that will cost you a penny! You may reuse your bra and follow our trick how to transform it into a cosmetic bag! If you have backless dresses and don’t want to spend money on a new strapless bra just cut off straps from your old bra and glue the bra to the dress with a glue gun. Low-back dresses are super flirty and you don’t have special bra all the look is messed up. Don’t worry in our video you will find a simple bra hack for hiding back strap. In pain from your straps digging into your shoulders? Use a sanitary napkin to solve this problem. Another unexpected sanitary napkin hacks you will find in our video. You wear your fancy top but bra slides down from time to time and you feel uncomfortable? Check out how to use a glue gun to fix your strapless bra and keep it from sliding down.

As a bonus, you will find out how to decorate an old bra with laces and transform it to the fancy top!
Check out the video and learn a makeup trick to make your breasts look bigger. And it’s not a joke at all!
We’ve already accepted that leggings can be worn as pants and camel toe could be embarrassing. Watch our video and learn how to prevent camel toe, no matter where you are or what you’re wearing.
Wondering how to remove blood stains? Wi will show you how to wash off blood using hydrogen peroxide.
Do you know any genius bra hacks? Please share your tricks in the comments below!


  • 02:00 No-stitch top
  • 02:13 Bra storage idea
  • 03:40 Low-back dress hack
  • 05:00 Breast makeup
  • 05:51 DIY Bodysuit


  1. Thank you for making this channel. I have 2 suggests. 1, maybe in the next video do hacks of easier ways to clean your house and cheaper tools to use too. 2, maybe also be more specific with what you use with crafts more. These are just suggests you do not have to use them. Thank you for your time.❤

  2. Why does it say underwear and then have tons of bras

  3. No hate but I thought it would be obvious that you wear a strapless bra when wearing something that shows your shoulders

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  9. Lets destroy a 60$ bra!Or I could go to my bra closet that has 90,000,000,000 bras in it.

    PS I don't have one! Can anyone relate!

  10. On the title. Woman* not women. Women is multiple.

  11. Thank you so much for this video.

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  13. What the fuck who puts panties in a Christmas ornament

  14. At the hack at 1:30 how will you go to the bathroom? You're going to have to hold it up.

  15. same hacks…as usual. .nothing new from your previous vedio

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  17. again repeated no new hacks……

  18. They always repeat previous hacks?

  19. Hell no!! Nobody wanna hang their panties on the Christmas tree

  20. This video has some same hacks. Try something new.

  21. What true and great life hacks

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  23. Okay first off who wears white underwesrs while on their period and why waste money when you can just go to someone else house and use their stuff XD

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