29 Cute Nail Design Ideas You Should Try Today

30 Cute Nail Design Ideas for 2017

Why leave your nails natural when a little bit of work can turn them into an eye-catching piece of art? The world of nail design has become more creative and innovative than ever before,  there are countless chic and cute ideas to try. From sleek and minimalistic styles to quirky and cool 3D designs, there’s a nail art idea for everyone, and we can help you find the perfect one for you. Whether you plan to DIY your nail design at home or take the inspiration to a technician, these top ideas are sure to get you excited and fired up for some new fabulous fingertips.

1. Undernail Art

If you want a nail design idea that is unique and on-trend while still being office appropriate, look no further than under-nail art. The chic look can be created by applying a colour to the tops of your nails and a contrasting hue to the underside.

Undernail Art - Nail Art

2. Two Strikes

Many modern manicure ideas are both simplistic and artistic. This “two strikes” look is such a design and creates a fashionably chic appearance. Try rocking the look with bright hues on the weekend or more subdued shades during the week.

Two Strikes - Nail Art

3. Studs

Try adding a little edge to your nails this year with the application of studs. The dramatic design pairs particularly well with dark and rich, wintery hues, such as blue, burgundy, oxblood, and plum.

Studs - Nail Art

4. Simple Squares

Simple small squares can create a seriously chic nail design idea. Best of all, you can easily create the look at home with the help of tape. When creating the design, consider using two different shades of the same colour for a coordinated yet creative look.

Simple Squares - Nail Art

5. “Edible” Nails

Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell, nailed one of 2017’s hottest nail trends when she rocked a fast food look. Have fun copying her style with your own “edible nails”. While burgers and fries are perfect for winter, sweet ice creams scream summer.

Shay Mitchell's Edible Nails - Nail Art

6. Sculptural Styles

This year, nail art has been taken to new heights with incredible sculptural designs. Although these futuristic and ultra-glamorous styles may not be subtle, they are perfect for making a statement.

Sculptural Styles - Nail Art

7. Round the Outside

One stylish nail trend that you can create at home is this “round the outside” look. The design can be made by first painting your nails completely in a base shade, such as taupe. Then, after it has dried, carefully trace around the edges of your nails in a bold colour, such as red.

Round the Outside - Nail Art

8. Pearls

Add some glamour to your fingertips with the addition of mini pearl beads. The beads can easily be bought online and attached by pressing them into wet polish. Use one on each nail for a sophisticated touch or cover your nails completely for a luxurious look.

Pearls - Nail Art

9. Newspaper Nails

Newspaper nails are a creative and cool look to rock. The design can be created by either using stamps or real paper to imprint words and pictures on your nails. Just be aware that people may try to read your nails all day long.

Newspaper Nails - Nail Art

10. Negative Space Designs

By only partially painting your nails and leaving the rest natural, you can create a seriously chic look. You’ll also save on polish as a bonus.

Negative Space Designs - Nail Art

11. Modern Half-Moon

The half-moon manicure may have peaked in 2016, but its modern update is perfect for 2017. Instead of a neatly rounded design, the style features a sharper, triangle shape for a more contemporary feel.

Modern Half Moon - Nail Art

12. Minimal Outline

For a chic and modern manicure that you can wear to work, ask for a coat of polish with a clean outline around the edge of your nails. For an extra stylish touch, opt for a matte base with a glossy line.

Minimal Outline - Nail Art

13. Sugar Nails

Actress, Lucy Hale completed a colourful nail design with a coating of sugar. The cute and seriously sweet style resembled gummy worms with its playful appearance. Try the candy-inspired design for yourself, as long as you’re not trying to kick a nail-biting habit.

Lucy Hale's Sugar Nails - Nail Art

14. Words

Why not take a cue from Katy Perry in 2017 and spell things out with words on your nails? The fun style can be used for anything from your name to instructions, such as Katy’s “find me” design.

Katy Perry Words - Nail Art

15. Ink Stained

Make your nail art seriously artistic in 2017 with an “ink-stained” design. Thanks to its bold aesthetic and minimalistic colour palette, the look is simultaneously exciting and understated. You can recreate it at home or in a salon by using a dry-brushing technique.

Ink Stained - Nail Art

16. Holographic Shine

Move over metallic nails. This year is all about that holographic shine. The crazy cool and futuristic look can be created in a range of colours and is eye-catching in any light. The trick to creating the design yourself is a holographic powder that you can apply to wet gel polish.

Holgraphic Shine - Nail Art

17. 3D Accent

While ombre nails are still cool, adding a 3D accent makes them even cooler, just ask Halsey. The singer rocked some seriously stylish punk nails that featured black ombre polish and a 3D skull on her ring finger.

Halsey 3D Accent - Nail Art

18. Half ‘n’ Half

Even beginner nail artists can create a chic “half ‘n’ half” look with ease. All you need is two different colours of polish and nail art tape. While you could split your nails horizontally into the two contrasting colours, a diagonal design feels a lot fresher.

Half n Half - Nail Art

19. Gorgeous Geodes

Beautiful geode nails are starting to pop up everywhere in 2017. Try the look for yourself with a stunning, black and purple glitter design. Create the style on all your nails or just one for a chic accent.

Gorgeous Geodes- Nail Art

20. Gold Flakes

Need some killer nails for your next evening out? Consider trying rich black, navy or red nails embellished with glitzy gold flakes. The luxurious look is perfect for the night-time.

Gold Flakes- Nail Art

21. Geometric Nails

Geometric nails are on-trend and super chic. To rock the playful look in style, just pair neutral hues, such as white, nude, and black, with an accent tone like red.

Geometric Nails- Nail Art

22. Gold Stripes

While it used to be that your only choice was what colour of polish you want, today, the list of nail art accessories and tools that you can buy is amazingly extensive. One such accessory is striping tape, which, when used in gold, can create a chic, modernistic design.

Foil Stripes- Nail Art

23. Dripping Polish

Polish that appears to ooze and drip down your nails is a great trend to try. Rock it for a fun weekend look or when you can’t decide on just one colour to wear.

Dripping Polish- Nail Art

24. Creative Tips

Take your standard French manicure into the future with creative tips. Instead of a simple white end to your nails, try a bold hue, such as blue, in an asymmetrical or off-centre curve.

Creative Tips- Nail Art

25. Chic Chevrons

A chic chevron look can be just what you need to up your manicure’s fashionability without turning it crazy. While you can use contrasting colours to achieve the look, leaving the stripes clear creates an on-trend negative space style.

Chic Chevrons- Nail Art

26. Cartoon Characters

Have a cartoon character that you love? Why not get them on your nails? Whether your favourite is Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson or Curious George, having them on your nails all day is sure to make you smile.

Cartoon Characters- Nail Art

27. Bow Detail

If you like your nails to be fun and flirty, then you’ll love the bow trend. Nail artists everywhere are attaching small plastic bows to their nails, and the results are incredibly cute and quirky.

Bow Detail- Nail Art

28. Artistic Outlines

Nail outlines are a huge trend right now, and there are plenty of variations for you to try. For a particularly unique and playful take, try creating a dotted outline. The design is super easy to do and looks amazing.

Artistic Outlines- Nail Art

29. Abstract Designs

Not sure which nail design idea to choose? Why not get creative and make your own abstract art? All you need to do is add different shapes and designs in contrasting colours for a bold and inventive style.

Abstract Designs - Nail Art

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