Check out a selection of clever hacks for girls. You will learn how to solve annoying problems and ease your life! Here are ideas you will be thankful for:
– If you gained a bit wait and jeans became small, spray some water on them and stretch a bit
– Cut the top of old pantyhose and wear under the leggings to avoid underwear traces
– Cat owner always face the problem that the fur is everywhere and even on clothes, use a tissue and hairspray to get rid of pet fur
– If your hair tie is stretched just put it in hot water
– If your makeup sponge is worn out, replace it with marshmallow
– Find out an unusual way to get rid of ink stains – use milk!
– You will learn how to wash off blood using hydrogen peroxide
– Put the towel on bed sheets to avoid blood stains
– Make “hot” sock filled with any cereal and microwave it for a few minutes. You will feel much comfortable using a hot sock

– You will find exercises to reduce pain during these days
– Make a box for hygiene products. Period kits can be a great way to stop worrying about when and what to purchase
– Use lip balm to avoid blisters
– We have a perfect way to fix the stuck zipper. Apply lip balm along the teeth of the zip or in the area where it is getting stuck
Going to nail salon is a rather expensive idea and if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on manicure you should totally watch our video. You don’t need to be a nail artist; just learn handy tips we share with you. Here is a collection of budget manicure ideas: ombre manicure that looks awesome, how to fix a broken nail using a tea bag and find a fast and cheap way to make French manicure!

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02:07 Hair spray hacks for girls
04:24 Easy way to curl hair
08:11 Clever period hacks
11:22 Matte effect manicure