Did you know that such a simple tool as lash curler could be used to line eyes or lips? Watch our video and find out how multifunctional lash curler could be! Heat up your eyelash curler using a hair drier to easily clean it from mascara. Moreover, you can contour your nose using a lash curler. So, you don’t need to buy contouring brushes.
Are you always late for a date? Check out tips on how to get ready in 5 minutes and look fabulous! You will learn how to line your eyes using paper notes! Watch our easy-breezy tutorial!
Lack of sleep or late party may lead to bloated face and dark circles in the morning and we share a perfect mask recipe to look fresh in the morning! Used tea bags are the best treatment. Apply wet and warm tea bags on each eye for five minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh.


If you don’t have a face wash use olive oil to wash your makeup!
One of the most effective and tools to keep your eyeshadow lines clean is a simple scotch tape!
You don’t need to go to a makeup store to buy a new lipstick as you can make it at home! Check out how to create your very own lipstick palette using crayons and coconut oil.
Many people have sensitive skin and prefer not to use face wash sold in a supermarket as it may contain harmful ingredients. Homemade face wash will make your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and clean without any added chemicals. Mix baby shampoo, coconut oil, purified water. Take a jar, put cotton pads inside and pour the liquid inside.
One more cool recipe for those who love natural cosmetics is homemade lip balm. This recipe is super easy: mix beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and a piece of old lipstick together, microwave and then pour into empty balm container and let it freeze. Now you can use it!


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