3 Amazingly EASY HAIRSTYLES | Cute Braids Hairstyle

Cute hair tutorial; learn how to do 3 heatless, easy back-to-school hairstyles for long hair and medium hair; messy side braid, simple half-up half-down updo, and a boho crown braid.

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In this, step-by-step, hair tutorial video, learn how to create 3 quick & easy everyday, back-to-school hairstyles for short, medium, or long hair lengths. These simple braids hairstyles will take 5~10 minutes to do, and will look great as a second-day hair.


  1. I luv ol your ….hair style ?

  2. All tutorials are best. Please share some short hair hair styles

  3. Ur sooo pretty Tina I luv ur makeup always ☺️

  4. You are so awesome plzzz do more

  5. love your hairstyles alot….
    you have such a beautiful skin pls make a video of your skincare we would love to watch it…with love????

  6. Hello….Mah name Twinkle …donot mis confuse wid mah account …hehe its my brother ? its too difficult to make such pretty with mah hairs ….?? Mah hairs r so long and unmanageable ….wot should i do to make thm gorgeous like urs??? Thank You

  7. I love the hair styles ♡☆♡♡♡☆☆☆☆

  8. Love the last one but mine kept falling down 🙁 could you show us how to pin the hair so heavy braids stay on our heads? ?

  9. I love that last hairstyle, is there another way to change the it, still keeping the braids, but no crown…

  10. I really like your hair tutorials but I with you didn't wear extinctions during your videos because it doesn't really show you the effect of what your hair will look like if you do it and also I have curly hair is there any way you could do a video on how to do some of these tutorials or know of somebody else that does?

  11. amazingly beautiful. i loved all three. u make it so easy to do. i m surely trying dis for my frnds birthday bash. love from india :* 😉

  12. amazingly beautiful. i loved all three. u make it so easy to do. i m surely trying dis for my frnds birthday bash. love from india :* 😉

  13. Im so confused, where are the extensions? Ususally its hard to do alot because you will expose the band?

  14. what is the name of the song on 00:2

  15. how to wear hair extensions so that it should not look fake !!!

  16. omg i loved the fishtail hack ive been trying to learn that braid for almost two years thank you so so so much

  17. I liked the 1-2 especially the 2 nd one??????

  18. omg. i love the last one. (3:12) it's absolutely stunning & gorgeous! ??

  19. fantastic….realy. is it realy that easy as it looks like??

  20. I like the 2nd one s very easy t try ..

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