3 Back To School Hairstyles 2017

Hey guys! Here are 3 quick back to school hairstyles for 2017! You guys know I do one of these hair how to’s every year. I hope you love this one!

This year, I focused on keeping the hair styles more easy and simple so that you can style them however you want! Whether this is for the first day of school or just sprucing up your routine, I think you’ll really love these braids and half up half down styles!


  1. I just adore you and I love how easy you make everything! You explain things so clearly — THANK YOU for "upping" my hair game! šŸ˜‰


  3. Teach us vikings tutorial please

  4. Man I wish I looked this good in 1 bun ??

  5. Vry beautiful hairstyles i love it

  6. Can u do more back to school hairstyles these really helped me

  7. This is lovely, definitely gonna try the easy bun ? I would love to see a video on work/office appropriate hair styles, for those of us who finished school ?

  8. can you do some back to school styles with short hair??

  9. How do you section your hair so perfectly? Do u use ur finger? Plz tell me

  10. Could you do back to school hairstyles for short hair too?? PLEEEEEASE

  11. Based on the thumbnail, the title should be: Daenerys Hairstyle DIY

  12. too bad i've lost about 60-70% of hair from stress and i can't do anything with it anymore because it's so thin :((

  13. these would work well for work or a night on the town!

  14. Love the bun pin where did you get it ?

  15. that first hairstyle is super cute!

  16. How are you going from long to short hair?

  17. why is your hair so pretty? its not fair…. love number 2 btw

  18. I like how you show the hair styles with different thicknesses (is that a word?)

  19. Im a brunette i dont grow white hair.

  20. been loving the editing in your videos lately!!! ā¤ļø

  21. Iā€™m definitely doing the Dutch braid hairstyle. So cute!!

  22. Really great video!! I hope you are going to do some with your short wig!!

  23. How is this crap on trending? So many subs with little view?? After 2 days. Come on YouTube

  24. My hair can't do any of these looks ??

  25. Congratulations on getting this video to being on the trending board!

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