3 Best Women Hairstyles to Try

With the new year in full swing, what a better way to reinvent yourself and give you that extra spark you need to motivate yourself. New hair, births new attitude, sometimes that chop of the locks is all you need. Today, we have put together 3 of the best women’s hairstyles for you to try.


The Bang Hair Trend 2015

Jane Birkin was the original 60’s vixen that put the ‘Bang’ on the map, paving the way for women. This simple yet, striking hairstyle immediately commands strength, morphing you into a modern day muse. It’s a minimum effort for maximum effect hair cut.

Lead hairstylist and salon owner of Organika Hair, Lisa Pace explains, ” A lot of girls are scared to cut their fringe because they feel they don’t have the correct face shape however, there is always a bang to suit your face and enhance your bone structure”.

So ladies, you can opt for a longer 70’s inspired bang, a thick heavy weight bang or a soft side swept fringe to update your look instantly.

This style can be a little tricky to sport during the warmer months but there is nothing a little dry shampoo can’t fix, along with a quick cold air blast directly over your scalp facing your hair dryer downwards, blowing your fringe straight.

2. BOB

The Bob Hair Trend 2015

Too scared to get a bang, then opt for a bob. This is a quick fix, short and snappy way to achieve a sharp and modern look.

Your bob doesn’t have to be too short or too sleek, this is a multifaceted hair style that can be worked in many ways, from a polished bob to a tousled, messy effortlessly ‘just got out of bed’ bob. This style is guaranteed to give you an over haul, the perfect ‘I just broke up with my boyfriend hair cut’.

This deceiving hairstyle requires no scissors, just a few ‘bobby’ pins, how ironic. This hairstyle is the perfect one nightstand with a bob.


Braids Hair Trend 2015

In 2017 we are stepping away from whimsical, bohemian braids to more modern sportsluxe, ghetto inspired braids. Tight, sharp structures and strong lines are the key trends behind this hairstyle.

This is the perfect style for those who do not want to cut or make major changes to their hair, however desire a new look. This style is also ideal for those wanting to grow out their hair, bang or colour.