3 Days of hairstyles! From Clean to Dirty

Here’s a Hair tutorial with 3 days of hairstyles! Follow my hair from clean on day one, to second and third day hair. This is one way I keep my hair healthy and long!

For this Start to Finish hair tutorial I decided to follow my hair from clean to dirty. I usually do curls or waves the first day. On the second day I do a half up half down hairstyle or a ponytail using the curls from day 1. Finally, when my hair is dirty I like to put it into an updo. This way I don’t have to wash or heat style my hair every day, so it stays healthier, but it still looks good!

★What I Used:★

  • Moroccanoil Treatment Light – Here
  • Living Proof Prime Style Extender – Here
  • BigSexyHair Big Altitude – Here
  • Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine and Hold Heat Protection Spray – Here
  • T3 Proi Professional Hair Dryer – Here
  • NuMe Octowand 1.25″ Attachment – Buy the Octowand Here
  • HealthySexyHair Soy Touchable Hairspray – Here
  • Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo – Here


  1. It takes me longer to blow dry my hair than it takes you to blow dry + curl, lol.

  2. I'd love to see another game of thrones braid episode with the braids from the last episode! Love your videos 🙂

  3. These hairstyles are perfect! I love them they're all so pretty

  4. I did the third one for my dirty hair and it was easier than I thought, I love all your hairstyles!

  5. You should make a video of you reacting to your old videos ?

  6. what is that big black hair pin you used at the very beginning of the video? could you pls tell me its brand?

  7. Hey kayley I'm thinking about trying dry shampoo do u have any recommendations (I have really thick and curly hair)

  8. Hi Kayley! Love your videos. I was wondering, do you use heat every time you wash your hair? I notice you like to curl your hair

  9. My hair would never last 3 days! My hair always looks too creasy ?

  10. u said ur hair loses curl pretty easily how will it stay u break them with brush ,don't just let them be the way they r u will have tighter curls for 24 hours

  11. omgg just drying my hair takes at least an hour

  12. Please can you do more videos like this I love them! X

  13. hi +Kayley Melissa! compliments! very compliments i love your channel! can i ask you What lipstick and What number are you wearing in day one? many thanks!! ?

  14. i recreate a ton fo your hairstyles and my hair is half your length do you have an instagram should i tag you?

  15. Braids definitely look better on second/third day hair??

  16. I love the third style but I have such thick and heavy hair and SOO much of it that it wouldn't hold 🙁

  17. you use dry shampoo on second day hair? I use that on day 3 and 4

  18. Love this!!! Also love your makeup from day two 🙂

  19. Great ideas! Your hair looks so healthy!

  20. Wow! love those hairstyle ? definitely steeling your ideas haha

  21. oh my god, your hair is soooooooo pretty!!!!

  22. why do you do the entire braid in the last hairstyle, if you then unwrap it and make a bun?

  23. I really like this how she actually started from washing her hair

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