3 Days of Heatless Hairstyles Hair Tutorial

Here’s a 3 days of Heatless Hairstyles hair tutorial! Follow my hair from clean on day 1 to dirty day 3 hair and see how I make it work!

We all know the struggle of 2nd day hair styles. Your hair is oily, the ends are frizzy, and you want something that causes no damage! Well, these hairstyles should help! I think they’re all great dirty hairstyles, but they work on clean hair as well! These are all quick and easy and you know I had to throw in some braids. Any braided hairstyle is my favorite. You can do them for school, every day, work, even working out! They’re especially great for medium or long hair. Hope you love them!!

★What I used:★

  • Sally’s Beauty MetaGrip Bobby Pins (The best!)
  • Wet Brush Detangling Brush
  • Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Biotin + Volume Dry Shampoo
  • Pravana Perfect Blonde Seal and Protect Leave In
  • Moroccanoil Treatment Light


  1. 5:38 ummm .. my hair is so long I think the braid from the top will reach it

  2. I just cant! Cant even get a braid right!! ? Can we just be neighbors? Or roomies and you get my hair pretty

  3. Sometimes I have trouble braiding the back of my head because my arms r super short… ?

  4. How muchhhh pretty can u be kayle????????❤❤❤❤

  5. Hi Kayley! I'm a infinity- fan of u, but I was wondering if you can make vid about hairsyles for people that have thin hair thanks. Btw love ur eyes! 😀 ;D

  6. Yesss, I'm so tired of the Dutch braid trend because everyone has the same hairstyle! Your French rope braid is a fun twist(get it?) on it

  7. My hair falls out of French braids because it's so thick and short now

  8. 2:10 THAT'S frizzy to her? lol. still love her videos. she makes it look effortless.

  9. its beautiful but it is not heatless at all 😡

  10. you are my new crush ur so cute and amazing at hair??????

  11. I was real confused when I read it as Heartless hairstyles, and then I looked at again and I'm like "Oh, right"

  12. Can you please do an updated one?!

  13. Kayley Melissa?
    The twisting near my scalp is ok, but when i come down to the rest of the hair were you just twist it and put on a elastic, it becomes SO LOSE. It just twists back up again…

  14. I love your videos I watch them everyday and they are very helpful. I also love your hair ?

  15. You are literally so so so amazing!! I love your hair tutorials please keep up the good work!!!

  16. I am NOT kidding (Or being rude) Almost after every video I make my sisters come in my room so that I can do their hair, and for them it's torture, but for e it's pretty useful!

  17. I have no idea why I'm thinking this, but your eyebrows are SO perfect!

  18. omg how did I only find your channel now???? Also I'm IN LOVE with the second look ? Need to try these x

  19. Do you recommend washing your hair everyday or every other day. My hair has lots of natural oils so I wash my hair every day.

  20. I'm a new subscriber. I enjoy a lot the content. I like that you go straight to the point. And your chanel is not full of clutter like other chanels, where you have to dig to find something useful. Keep it going.

  21. OMG you literally have hair of a goddess my hair is like really frizzy and spongy ugh you have #hair goals

  22. That's great I have frizzy hair and all of those things

  23. You are absolutely adorable to watch and just sooo great at your tutorials! Sooo glad I found you and cannot wait to show my daughter! LOVE All the braids too and thank you so much for explaining so well.

  24. I should try these hairstyles cuz I'll have time. If u go to skool, u will know there isn't any tomorrow.

  25. Has it been established that Mellissa is the queen of braids? <3

  26. I love u Kayley your da best 😮

  27. I love u Kayley your da best 😮

  28. I. Absolutely. Love. These. Videos!!!!!
    So many YouTubers nowadays just do the same old things in new ways but you do completely new and unique things and I notice it and appreciate it.

  29. the rope braids look amazing on you

  30. could you please tell us the name of the songs you are using for your videos?

  31. Pick what Day u want
    Mine is:
    Like if u agree love u guys

  32. braids don't show up on dark hair!! :(((

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